To date, the advertising business is an integral part of economic processes. This is because it’s advertising is the main “engine” of the goods on the market.

The economic function of advertising is reduced mainly to inform about the product or service, their popularity, increased demand and turnover, and with it – and production. 90% of advertisers – a commercial organization, which regularly publish information about themselves, by means of advertising. Outdoor advertising – one of the most promising forms of advertising in the advertising business.

To understand the nature of the advertising process is necessary to analyze its core technology and to divide it into separate elements to later consider the interaction of actors at various stages and levels.

Schematic diagram of the advertising process consists of four components:



-Advertising Agency

Advertisers – a legal or natural person who is a customer of advertising in an advertising agency and pay it.

The main functions of the advertiser are as follows:

-Definition products, including export, in need of advertising;

-Definition in conjunction with advertising agency advertising degree and characteristics of these goods;

-Formation in conjunction with an advertising agency plan for promotional products and promotional activities;

Study, together with an advertising agency creating advertising budget and promotional activities;

-Sign the contract with the agency to create promotional materials, advertising in the media dissemination, promotional events, etc. ;

-Assistance in the preparation of implementing source materials;

-Provide technical and evidence of products or services;

And technical advice, approval of layouts, advertising materials and original advertising;

Executive-pay accounts.

Advertising agency, in addition to the above work carried out in conjunction with advertisers, performs at their request creative and performing functions related to the creation of promotional materials, produces original advertising, conducts comprehensive marketing campaigns and individual promotional activities to interact with the productive bases, with other advertising and editorial firms, including foreign ones, is liaising with the means of dissemination of advertising in them orders for the publication of advertisements, monitor the passage and quality of execution of orders, invoices, and the advertiser pays for the expense of advertising.

Full-service advertising agency, as a rule, offers a wide range of highly abnormal artists and performers and with significant volumes of international activity is commercial agents abroad.

Until recently, active participants in the advertising process is only the first three links, while the consumer was assigned the role of passive audience member, exposed to advertising influence. Now the consumer becomes an active participant in the advertising process, it is often the initiator. Of their own volition, he inquires from the advertising agency, a means of disseminating advertisements or advertisers – the information he needs. In modern advertising consumer acts as a generator of feedback.

Until the time of the advertising process, the contents of other participants: organizations that regulate advertising in the state (government agencies) and community (associations and other similar organizations) levels of production, creativity and research organization, leading its activities in the field of advertising.

To advertising business was fairly highly effective, it must be preceded by appropriate market research, strategic planning and development of tactical solutions required by the Rosneft’s marketing goals and advertiser specific situation on the market.