Chinese Antarctic expedition team 23rd leave soon. Recently, in order to jointly protect “the world’s last piece of land” from pollution, the State Oceanic Administration, Office of polar exploration work Wong Ming

Solar Energy Group held on the theme “To the Antarctic sky??? Antarctic environmental Wong Ming Action” major release. At the meeting, the State Oceanic Administration, Office of Polar expedition party secretary of the Ming and Wong Wei Wenliang Solar signed a formal cooperation agreement, which marks China’s solar energy development and utilization of new Antarctic history.

It is reported that China’s polar expedition office of the Ming imperial hand solar energy, expand on

Solar water heaters The application and research, not only can solve the problem with hot water of life study team, the main thing is that it does not rely on any conventional energy sources, will not affect the Antarctic environment pollutants, on the Antarctic environment can make a substantial contribution. Indeed the source address from the Antarctic set a model for environmental issues.

According to Wong Ming Ming Wong, chairman of introducing solar energy future, in addition to begin in the Antarctic and Arctic to do research and development of light and heat outside, if the breakthrough technology bottlenecks, solar energy will be part of the replacement of conventional energy sources are the Antarctic, to achieve pollution-free photovoltaic power generation, lighting and other solar energy research.

The industry argued that the deepening of cooperation started to change not only the Antarctic resources “have instead used but not to the” state, so that the system under the program better for the harmonious development of mankind

Service ; Also has appeal with the Antarctic this “trump card” to promote solar energy in people

Consumption Concept and the healthy lifestyle changes, improving our country in solar energy development and utilization of international influence.

Solar thermal Professional Committee of China’s Luo Zhentao Secretary-General pointed out that, as of 2005, China’s total solar energy reserves reached 75 million square meters, area of solar thermal applications accounted for 70% of the world, at the same time, the industry maintained an annual 20% -30% growth rate, China has become the world’s largest solar energy producer and consumer.

As China’s solar industry navigator??? Wong next 10 years to promote capacity of more than 10 million square meters in 2005 to promote reached 2 million square meters, more than the sum of the EU, more than double than in North America, can save 23 million tons of standard coal, 23 million tons of net emissions of various pollutants, whether economic value or environmental value, Huang Ming Solar’ve been a model.

Learned that the Emperor Ming solar water heater for the Antarctic, in addition to providing life easier for the expedition team members, the

Longer-term objective is to improve China’s solar water heater in the cold, Yufeng and other technical indicators, raising trade barriers to promote the sustainable development of the solar energy industry to accelerate the realization of solar-led “G energy” alternative pace.

“G energy” strategy refers to the 50 years to achieve G (green) energy alternative strategic objective, which is completed within 50 years of renewable energy alternatives to conventional energy overall, so that human society into a new energy era.

As a proponent of this strategy and practitioners, Huang Ming Solar Energy Group Chairman Huang Mingxiong heart and vitality for China’s “G Energy” alternative set a timetable:

“Near replacement”: that is renewable energy by 2020 25% substitution of conventional energy sources, including solar energy 12%;

“Mid-based”: that is to replace 55% by 2040, solar energy accounts for 25%;

“Long-term exclusive”: that is to replace 90% of 2060 after more than 50% solar energy.

Industry experts believe that this schedule shows the development of renewable energy in China by Emperor Ming bright future for solar energy and renewable energy industries, led the energy practice of alternative confidence in the G.

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