The insurance which protects one from the financial loss, especially physical damages due to accidents or liability that could arise in any case, is auto insurance.
According to a recent study by Insurance Research Council(IRC), the number of people are growing, who drop their auto insurance trying to save money. The main reason behind this is the unemployment and if the scenario continues, the uninsured rate will rise upto 16.3 percent by 2010.
Getting a vehicle insured is very necessary unless you are driving a wrack and have no assets to protect. Going for the proper automobile insurance is a difficult task and many questions arise in the mind, like what type of coverage to take, how much insurance to take and if going for the first time , then the situation gets more terrible.
To overcome the fear of first time auto insurance, do a complete research on the types of coverage, available in the market. Knowledge of the types can help in making the good decision. Once you are done with the research work, make a choice for the insurance company which provides you the insurance at right price. Sometimes insurance companies also provide you with the assistance in choosing the suitable insurance coverage, you can consider their help, if you want. Without the proper planning and complete knowledge you can end up with the insurance which does not suit your requirements, hence it is necessary to for a thorough research. There are the number of the coverage you can choose from, some are:
Medical payments.
Insuring the physical damage.
Property damage or the bodily injury.
Insurance for theft and natural hazards(fire, flood etc).
No fault Auto insurance(in some jurisdictions).
Now you have decided the type of insurance you want, the next question is how much insurance to purchase. The best solution is to purchase an insurance that you can afford. There is no sense in getting the insurance, for which you cant pay, as it will collapse in 90 days if the monthly installments are not paid. If you are not able to afford the desired coverage at present, some companies provide the facility of upgrading your insurance in future. This can be a better option for such people.
The other thing to consider is that if you are still financing for the vehicle, then it is better to go for the comprehensive and collision types of coverage. This type of coverage will help the lien holder, if any damage occurs to the vehicle. But the drawback is that these types of coverage may held you from buying other coverage which you might require.
The insurance, in the first chance, may seem complicated but go for a complete research for the various types of coverage and give enough time to determine your requirements and choose the company which gives you the best deal. Most importantly go for the insurance which suits your needs and the one you can afford..

The author is an expert in the field of Auto Insurance.