Discover some of the best selling digital cameras that are currently on the market. There is a range of great brands and models just waiting to be discovered from brands such as Canon, Nikon, Sony and Panasonic, each model offers great functions and features.

Finding the perfect digital camera can be hard because there are so many amazing digital cameras on the market. There are many amazing brands that are constantly striving to create the best in digital camera technology that sometimes it can be hard to keep up with the bestsellers and newest releases. Here we give you a quick run down on the current bestseller options.

Canon has long been creating some of the best cameras that are on the market. Canon Cameras are well designed and packed full of the latest technology and features. It is no wonder that the Canon EOS 550D is one of the countries bestselling cameras, it has received hundreds of amazing reviews and many people consider it their favourite camera model so far. It has 18 MP quality and an extremely sophisticated HD video feature that allows for you to film great quality video footage on the go. It is well designed and is easy to use and function, it has many useful shooting modes and gives users many options when taking a photograph allowing the to get the perfect snap every times.

It is the perfect camera for those wanting to upgrade from an entry-level camera and can be purchased as new from around £440.

You can also pick up a range of amazing Nikon Cameras online; in particular the Nikon 1 J1 is considered an extra special camera. It is often considered a classy and individual camera that offers an extra special quality in its photographs and functions. It is small and slim and fits easily into your pocket or hand, it has an in built flash and an LCD screen. It is the perfect compact camera, and can be used to produce professional quality stills. You can pick up a range of exciting accessories to go with the camera such as lenses and zoom kits. This camera is extremely good value for money retailing at around £450.

Another great camera is the Sony Alpha NEX 5N, this new camera from Sony is extremely popular and produces some beautiful quality pictures and functions. It is an interchangeable lens camera and has the latest 16.1 MP CMOS sensors. It has a touch screen display, first curtain shutter and picture effects options. You can even record great quality HD 1080p movies on it. It is a well-designed camera and has a compact body and great battery usage.

For those looking to invest in a new digital camera it is important to do plenty of research on models and brands before you invest in a camera. You can follow reviews, read forums and even use camera comparison sites to learn more about models. Big Camera Shop offers in depth comparisons of all of the latest digital cameras and camcorders. Make sure you also head down to your local camera shop to talk to an advisor and get a feel for prospective cameras with a test drive.

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