How can a person start a small business if he has a little resource to start with? Maybe you are asking if it is really possible to get a business grant. Stop yourself from thinking what is inside the box, try to expand your views and see what is outside the box. The small business grant that you needed may be available in your own home state. While the federal government doesnt provide a direct small business grants, but there are many state development agencies offering direct small business grants and other types of financial assistance made to help and give a hand in starting a small business or may be expanding it.
Some of the states in America offer small business grants. A small business financing incentives are an important piece of the economic growth plan of every state in the nation. Some of the small business financing incentives include financed rates on Small Business Administration loans, tax breaks and many other programs related to business grants.
SBA has been really committed in helping small businesses. It has developed a multiple number of financial programs that address the different request of small businesses.
So here are the things you needed to help you with your directions for business; business plan, budget, motivation and of course patience.
You really need to have a strategy in planning for your small business, in applying for business grants what you to show the grantor agency is that you have given some thought to your request for a grant and that is your top priority. That is why you really need to have a business plan.
You needed to identify a good and appropriate funding organization that can relate to the nature of your business. As what I have said earlier you can try to check first in your own state, also try to check local municipalities, your community and private foundations.
You need to make your business objective and activities familiar to the funding organization before suggesting any type of request or application for funds. Start a good relationship with the organization. Make use of any effective communications through phone calls, visitation or letters of inquiry to such organizations. Learn how to approach likely funders.
Provide a well written letter to the organization. Clearly state the objectives and intended results. Show them the budget for your business and some activities, Also try to include the strategic plan and provide the proposed budget for the use of grant funds.

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