Every once in a while a person may come up with a business idea that seems to great. And these ideas can one day turn into a business. That is the great thing about business is that it can be unique and as long as a personal has the financial ability to chase these business ideas. However, sometime a business idea is not enough if one cannot afford to start a business. For example, a struggling single mother may have all the ideas in the world, but if she does not have the financial power to do so due to her raising her kids, then it is difficult for her to implement her ideas into reality.

The great news is that there are websites online that can offer business loans. These business loans are not your typical loans. These loans are called peer lending. Essentially, these loans are lent to borrowers by people with excess money willing to loan them out. In return, the investor makes money by bidding on your loan application. The investor that accepts the lowest interest will win the bid. This peer lending website is called Prosper.

Prosper.com is a website that allows borrower to borrow money that is not often loaned by banks. Any business ideas are accepted and no matter how crazy it may sound. It is the decision of the investor to loan out their money at will. At Prosper.com single mothers can take the opportunity to take out a loan to run her business. For instance, if the mother wants to open a clothing business for puppies she can simply go to the website and fill out an application. The process is very simple and can be done quickly.

To qualify for a typical loan, she must have adequate credit generally 600 score and higher, and she must have some type of income.

The minimum amount income per year must be $ 12,000 and she must be at least 18 years of age. While applying for a loan, the borrower must express his or her ideas about how she will use the money. Remember, the decision is based on the investor as long as you fulfill all the requirements. In summary, a single mother can be successful and open a business. Her environment factors can hold her back, however working at home and running her business can help her financial situation.


There are Business Loans for Single Mother‘s offered online. Read the guidelines if you are qualified to apply a loan. You can also check¬†Scholarship for Single Mothers offered online.