Applicants must hold MBA degrees. All three thousand dollars of tuition fee, examination fee is £ 500.I really would like to enroll! Will increase the number of management accounting knowledge, but also to strengthen my CV and become a professional … but also for the “Little” from childhood to create a learning atmosphere! setting up a company are divided into three main categories:Sole (Sole Proprietorship) Partnership (Partnership) Corporation (Incorporation) Co., Ltd. (Company limited by shares) Company limited by guarantee (Company limited by guarantee) Unlimited company (Unlimited company) HKU SPACE and the CIMA Financial Business School this year to launch a shortcut MBA Education Examination (CIMA Masters Gateway Assessment, CMGA). As long as students pass the exam, you can get CIMA Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting and the CIMA professional qualification exam waiver number of two-thirds (11 families), not only joined this two years ahead of a professional accountant, but also save nearly million in waived.Recently HKU School of Professional Education and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) Joint Training shortcut examination, students pass the exam, approximately 1 year of Management Accountants professional qualification will be awarded, to shorten the time a full two-thirds. Customers can generally be stored in the mini-warehouse any article, the principle is not illegal and safety items. Some used to store, such as wine, furs, camera lens, antiques and other special items of mini-warehouse with aircon temperature control system, general warehouse, you can use the aircon air conditioning. Mini-warehouses in many countries around the world have become very predominant. According to the survey found that the global mini-warehouses in the city center is a large form of basic construction, sub-loading area, with a lift to deliver goods to the customer’s own mini-warehouses. The mini-warehouse outside the city is increasingly fierce competition, residential areas and business districts around the increasing number of new mini-warehouses. More mini storage truck rental company to provide services, but also to provide free services or, to the residential or commercial vehicle to promote business in the vicinity of the work Mini-warehouses, also known as self-warehousing, storage, small parts of objects. Hong Kong is now very popular mini-storage, personal storage and needs, as well as corporate customers will not be used in a non-delete old files, office supplies into mini-warehouse storage, dispense with the expensive office rental, mini storage companies one-stop full service, saving many human cost. Some mini warehouse business has to go to China, many cities in the Mainland has not mini-storage service. Mini-storage warehouses converted Lord divided into a large number of small depositors if the warehouse, or placed in row after row of lockers for rental spaces leased, usually on a monthly basis rent. Doors of the Door lock key is held by customers themselves, mini warehouse staff and warehouse staff have different work, all staff can not open the mini-storage customers.