There can be many different reasons that you need to relocate your business, maybe you are trying to expand your company? Maybe you cannot find the correct type of staff in your current area? Are you paying to much where you are and want to move to a cheaper location? They are all things they may cause you to relocate, and the process of relocating can be one of the most stressful thing you face running your own business.

The most common cause for relocation is expansion, typically companies grow in size. (We will use office work as an example)… your first office may be small with a maybe 2 desks, enough to get you up and running employ a few people and start the growth of your company, in time your income will increase but if you stick to a small office all the time there is only so much you can grow. You will need to bring in more staff to bring in more money (especially if your business is sales based), The sales team bring in the money, the more sales staff the more money comes in. But you can not just pack people in to a small office; this is when you need to relocate.

First you need to find suitable premises that you can afford, you still need to be making profit not a loss after you have calculated the monthly outgoings for the new building. A lot of businesses choose to say in the same area just increasing office size. A bigger office means you can employ more people comfortably, a lot of companies offer a relocation service to help with the transportation of equipment.

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