Now we have covered Business Directory Search Terms and Banners the final important part of the advert you will be offered are the Keywords (also known as Products and Services).

No matter whether you have a small free advert or a large paid one, you will still be offer an amount of keywords, if you are a free listing you are likely to be offered around 5 – 10 but no more, if you are a paid advert you will be offered 50 + ranging as high as you wish depending on what you pay. These are an essential part of your advert and are required to make it function correctly. The products and services you pick will determine what categories people will be able to find you advert under. (For example if you are a supplier of catering equipment it is pointless have keywords related to Clothing, people will not be able to find your advert and you will not gain traffic).

Also providing your keywords are relevant to your advert, some directories offer back links to your actual website. This is a good way of increasing the importance of your own website and will help it gain places in the search engines. So if you have 5 Keywords you will receive 5 back links to your website, if you have 100 keywords you will receive 100 back links to your website which will greatly increase its importance. In fact there a couple of directories out there that offer 2 back links per keyword.

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