Recently, Sichuan Changhong Announcement that, Mianyang City, the SASAC has approved the sale of

Air conditioning Assets of the program, its air-conditioning company and Sichuan Changhong

Zhongshan Changhong Electric will be the price of not less than 390 million yuan was officially transferred. The industry believes that if no accident, Meiling who will become the access plate. In the secondary market yesterday (12) days Sichuan Changhong and Meiling both strong daily limit seems to be confirmed this view. In this regard, the Minister of Sichuan Changhong Asset Management, said Yang Jun, Changhong the transfer of air assets is intended to fulfill three years to resolve and Meiling in

White Commitment to the field of industry competition.

Meiling Chang intends to access disk

With the sale of its air assets Changhong program was Mianyang SASAC permitting, from the 10th, the Sichuan Changhong Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. 100% equity and Zhongshan Changhong Electric Co., Ltd. 90% stake in the country to vote in Sichuan Province, the official transactions of property rights Center listed the transfer, the transfer price of not less than 390 million yuan. The notice period will be transfer listed as at 17 o’clock on the December 7.

It is noteworthy that, as early as in 2007, Sichuan Changhong Electric Appliance in the acquisition of Meiling do the next time, once promised to white

Home Appliances Assets into the Meiling.

Yesterday (Nov. 12), Sichuan Province, the country’s registry of property rights trading center site know to vote against the transferee, Changhong, out of 7 major conditions.

Which, including registered capital of no less than 400 million yuan, 2007, 2008 consecutive profitable, viable air conditioning submit clear strategic development plan, keeping Changhong air conditioning, Zhongshan Changhong management and staff of the basic stability. Industry generally believe that Changhong out the “harsh” conditions are tailored to Meiling, without accident, Meiling who will successfully become the access plate. In response to this argument, journalists yesterday connection Sichuan Changhong Asset Management Minister Yang Jun, he said, “Changhong is not to give up the transfer of air-conditioning business, but are designed to perform three years to resolve and Meiling in the white area with the commitment to competition from the listing form, the stated that this is a market-oriented approach. ”

Institutions to Jiancang Changhong, Meiling Yesterday (Nov. 12), Meiling strong daily limit again, the day the re-release days, the stock volume, turnover up 25.8%. In addition, another related party of Sichuan Changhong has also suddenly started yesterday afternoon, the same amount of letters in the daily limit in days. At the close, two units were closed at 10.21 yuan and 5.93 yuan.

From yesterday (November 12) announced after-hours trading in Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges data, institutions Jiancang stocks daily limit as to promote the two main reasons. Among them, the two agencies unilateral Meiling over 96 million yuan to buy, and sell side seats are hot money.

Back to step 5 or something for MA

Telecommunications Union Securities analyst Domingo school, said the sale of its air assets, Changhong will address the two companies in white goods industry, the problem with the competition, “which is expected to inject the assets of the Meiling profits will benefit the most.”

“Body dared to high firm Jiancang, obviously means that the assignment of Changhong optimistic, while the usual practice from the agency point of view, two short-term there is still room for growth stocks.” However, Placido Domingo learn that although short-term two units still have a chance, but once the situation has substantially higher open still need care, “After all, the current adjustment pressures significantly broader market.” For ordinary investors, once the average share price back to step 5, or will become a good time to buy.

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