Question: Why should the procedure of choosing a web host for churches be any different form choosing a host for any other business? The answer is it shouldn’t!¬† After all the business of churches is to promote the word of God and this business demands the best tools available.

But, unfortunately many new website owners (including churches) make the mistake of picking the cheapest  web hosting package available. And when things go wrong (as they invariably do) then find out that the service they were promised fails to materialize. They then have the the hassle and expenditure of moving their website to another host.

What makes a good website hosting package?

A good website hosting package should include the following:

24/7 access to customer service and technical help. 

Flexibility to allow you to upgrade your disk space and bandwidth as your church website grows.

Control Panel that’s simple and easy to manage.

Email accounts.

Minimal server downtime.

Fast connections to your web site.

More than one connection to the Internet (if one connection goes down, your website does not disappear off the Internet.)

Security (if your website features a shopping cart, stores or processes sensitive information such as credit cards.)

Finding the right host for your site

A good way for churches and anybody else is to make a list of web hosts, (just Google ‘web hosting’ ), who offer a package that include all the items above.

Then make a shortlist, but before signing up with anyone, check out what others are saying on web hosting forums. Good web hosts attract and build a loyal following.

Churches and web hosting – for further information (including a list of recommended web hosts go to

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