Recently concluded in Fujian Fuan old games on the 4th, just in recent years the rise of the old sportswear business sector development have caused concern. It is understood that, as a sporting goods, old age has a huge potential market for sportswear space, gradually lifting the appetite of many operators. As a start a discussion of old age Clothing It allows consumers to see huge business opportunities for old sports.

Many cities in China, the elderly form of exercise is basically a walking, boxing, etc., form relatively simple. Fitness for the elderly and sports equipment with nothing more than the sword, fan, Softball, or the diabolo so. And the few of these are traditional products, fresh fashion and even the elderly have a higher technology content sporting goods market, almost a blank piece.

According to the professionals of the elderly is very optimistic about the market prospects of sporting goods. Especially with the Olympics Approaching, China’s sports development and growth management have mushroomed, while the national fitness campaign, the participation of the elderly can not be ignored.

But many other emerging industries, at present China’s old sporting goods market, primarily from foreign Brand Pie. Such as the British Pais Group R & D of the old treadmill. The old sports brand in China is still blank.

This also means that one potentially huge opportunity. According to the relevant departments during the next 20 years, the older population will more than 400 million of the total population of 20.8%. The number of older consumers will not only continue to expand, and the proportion in the structure are becoming increasingly larger. This trend indicates that the elderly market can open up space widening. Obviously, this is a huge potential market for sporting goods. Concerned about the old market, develop old market, business is also a new market expansion, business development opportunities.

In addition, the sporting goods industry is labor-intensive industries in the country has some comparative advantage, although a late start, but the speed is faster, some domestic brands in the market place has been far ahead. Many world-renowned sports are manufactured in China. Now, China has become the sporting goods manufacturing country production accounts for 65% of the world market. According to the survey, in the home fitness equipment, the number of products are made for use in schools, domestic made in China also accounted for more than 80%.

Regrettably, however, is that although China is a sporting goods producing country, but has treaded old sporting goods, less well-known domestic brands is heard, let alone into the international market has.

Old sporting goods market in China lags behind the concept of the elderly has a lot of consumption. Many sporting goods business owners that the old sporting goods market, still largely a blank state. From Business Perspective, from the change in consumer businesses, particularly in older age groups and consumer awareness of life to proceed.

The Expert Proposal should proceed with the various forms of propaganda to make the concept of old age consumption of sporting goods enjoys popular support. The sports operators have to make ” Sell A way of life, promoting a sports culture “as its mission, while developing their own Marketing Space at the same time, active promotion of domestic sports brand out of the force, and finally allow consumers to better awareness and understanding of the concept of old sports culture. Which is the operation of domestic brands have not been covered.

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