Is Zeek Rewards for you?

Author: Robert David Fraser

So if you are considering a home based business, then congratulations are in order. If you are considering Zeek Rewards and wondering if it is for you, then this is the article for you. Zeek, Zeekler Penny Auctions, and Zeek Rewards are all one in the same. Zeek refers to the general brand and anything and everything that is Zeek. Zeekler refers to the penny auctions and everything therein. Zeek Rewards refers to the affiliate business opportunity where you get paid to advertise for the penny auctions.

First off, the primary responsibility is to advertise the penny auction website and to give away free bids for the penny auctions! As a Zeek Rewards affiliate it is not your primary responsibility to recruit new members! The strength and sustainability of the company relies on how well the penny auctions are doing from day to day. The ability for the company to be able to pay each active affiliate who posts their daily ad is based on how well the penny auctions are doing.

I don’t know if I stressed that enough but there are a few other penny auction companies who went out of business because they could not get enough traffic to their penny auction website. As an affiliate, you get paid for the collective advertising efforts of all the affiliates who advertised that day. What it boils down to is every affiliate posts their daily ad equals a lot of people participating in the auctions.

The more people who participate in the auctions equal more sales for the company. Each night the company takes 50% of the net profits and splits them between the company and every affiliate who posted their daily ad. So do you think you can post your one prewritten daily ad?

The other main responsibility is to sample away free bids. That simply means find people who will consider playing with the free bids that you will give them. Keep in mind that they don’t need to actually use the bids for you to make money off of them! All you need to do is post your daily ad and find people who will at least sign up for the free bids. What that person does after that is irrelevant!

Post a prewritten ad and give away free samples or bids to the penny auction website and that is it. Most other network marketing of affiliate marketing companies require that a sale be made before any profits are paid out or any money is exchanged hands. That is not the case with Zeek Rewards! So with the above in mind, do you think Zeek Rewards is for you?

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