Reasons for Doing Business in China

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Foreign and local companies realised the huge potential of the Chinese economy, after China won the bid for the Olympic Games in 2008 and further more when they held the World Expo in 2010. It was around this time thatmany foreign companies entered the Chinese marketplace and started making a profit. Today, most of the world’s leading companies all have offices in China.

Europe and North America quickly realised the importance of the growing Chinese economyand wanted to sell their goods and services in the country. They wanted toprovide China with more opportunities and make it a global economic powerhouse and at the same time earnprofits from the investment. Once set up, the corporate and big multi-national companies provided amuch needed boost to the Chinese economy. These big organisationspaved the way for small and medium enterprises tosucceed in China.The Chinese marketplaceis now flourishing like never before and is currently benefiting hundreds of businesses worldwide.

At the moment in China there are huge trade and investment opportunities including; building construction, environmental protection, minerals and energy, food and beverages, transport, IT and telecommunications, gambling and many more. Dueto the Summits and Conferences that are being held regularly among potential nations, thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners have explored investment opportunities in China and havestarted conducting business there. The incredible economic growth rate in China is due to the advancementsin science and technology. It won’t be long before China will be a global economic powerhouse.

The summit is expected to lay the foundation for the immense growth in China. The rapid urbanisation and the fast economic growth in China led entrepreneurs to explore different business opportunities and the summit is an attempt to further intensify the interest of entrepreneurs to invest in the burgeoning Chinese economy.

The China Business Summit aims to promote Chinain Ireland and will allow delegates to discuss important issues about doing business in China. The summit will cover topics such as, Chinese Management Styles, the Chinese Legal System, banks and finances, logistics, how cultural differences might affect business and setting up an office in China.

For more information on exploring business opportunities in China attend the China Business Summit on 20th June 2012 in the Lighthouse Cinema, Dublin.

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