12 9, “2006 Marketing Innovation Award in China” in Beijing held a grand ceremony, the dragon’s innovative “20 word marketing model,” won the Marketing Award. This award not only proves the excellent appliances have long walk in the forefront of the industry; also shows that the dragon’s brand by the extreme concern of the community; Gengrang dragon first proposed home appliances enterprises have entered the “end-driven” era of effective verification. It is reported that this also with the award-winning “Sohu Web site, DHS tobacco” and other famous enterprises home and abroad, many from elite business and marketing witnessed the event.

“Marketing Innovation Award in China” by China’s marketing of the most influential media “sales and marketing,” was launched, CCTV, Phoenix TV, Sina and other well-known media, co-organized the most authoritative marketing awards competitions Since its inception, has included Procter & Gamble, China Mobile, Mengniu, Longliqi, livelihood medicine, Yake, Wahaha, Hisense, China Merchants Bank, Haier, Yili, Dongfeng Nissan, Kangen Bei, Lenovo, China Unicom, and other famous enterprises obtain Marketing Innovation Award! Dragon won the Marketing Innovation Award this year the core content of the Dragon “20 word marketing model”, that “the image of good end-end demo + + sustained focus on key sales period,” With the most straightforward but The most effective model of innovation in quantitative, detailed, case-oriented basis, the dragon has not only won the market, but also with China Telecom, FAW-Volkswagen, Lenovo, Nokia and hundreds of companies compete in the large enterprises Successful candidates, winning in one fell swoop, for the dragon’s brand building and laid a solid foundation.

Dragon “20 word marketing model,” won the award, the judges comments and the market reflects the integrated main significance lies: on the enterprise concerned, in the home appliance market of intense competition today, fine appliances, as a last piece of “cheese” , has been with Philips led foreign brands occupy the dragon as a leading boutique brand home appliances, made a clear strategic objective, to create “the first brand of domestic appliances boutique”, determined with Philips and other foreign brands in the boutique home appliances market to compete.

To make the strategic objectives of an effective landing dragon, the dragon who created the appliance industry exclusive “20 word marketing model”: the image of good end-end-demo + + continued to seize the key sales period. This mode of birth and in the region for its landing, so that the inner half of the dragon nation created a large area image of the terminal 96; dragon in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Qingdao, the first success of the “domestic appliances first boutique brand” the status and trends with the Philips into rival; Long boutique full range of products into the home appliance industry leader, such as the dragon kettle first, the dragon juicer first, second hair dryer dragon, dragon The second vacuum cleaner, electric iron dragon, dragon, toasters, etc. dragon egg products into three sectors; dragon’s annual sales at a 60% increase. Long products and brands in the original was “Guangdong Province”, “Top Ten Influential Chinese small home appliance brand”, “Guangdong Famous Brand”, “national exemption product” basis, and this year, winning Hi Tim, Long The kettle was the industry’s first “China Top Brand” title!

Outside the industry in terms of the dragon “20 word marketing model” is not only unique home appliance, home appliance industry, its marketing is from the “acts of personal heroism marketing” to “the normative marketing ideology” in changes in quality. As we all know, over the years have a common home appliance industry ills, a new marketing professional manager arrived, the marketing company brings new thinking and behavior, so household electrical appliance enterprises to create marketing behavior in continuous and broken into, which makes home appliances Enterprise riddled, and the result is that the post of professional managers has been shackled to change appliance enterprises. The birth of this set of models, not only to resolve this problem so that the whole enterprise has a complete and timely marketing system, and can give the enterprise version of normative marketing, corporate marketing capital to accumulate. Therefore, the birth of this model can be worth a lot of peer reference! Second, the dragon’s “20 word marketing model,” the core focus of the terminal is a “winning end,” the best explanation. With the deterioration of the living environment of the market and the diversification of consumer demand, and only grasped terminal sales can really take hold product sales, the growth of enterprises have a steady stream of blood supply.

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