There is no shortage of offers on the internet that tell you that they have easy ways, make money online! The big problem is that most of these ‘get rich quick’ schemes are usually recycled out of date rubbish. It’s surprising how gullible people can be when confronted by a well written sales page.

I really don’t want to put anyone off of joining the internet marketing community so I’d best this out of the way up-front. Unless you’re very lucky indeed your new business will be a slow burn event. The road to ‘instant riches’ is strewn with the bodies of newbie’s that fail because they didn’t know the basics and lost heart.

With that out of the way, let’s get positive. This does not have to happen to you! All that is really needed to start is an understanding of what works and how it works. My first word of advice is ‘keep your money in your pocket!’ Don’t be fooled by flash sales pages that offer you the world. Accept that the internet can be a minefield and prepare yourself for battle. Your weapons will include the following:

Computer with internet connection
A Squidoo account
A Paypal account
The ability to write in decent English
Optional. An account with Clickbank
An hour or two each day

With the obvious exception of the computer, everything else is free. Now don’t concern yourself that I am not going to describe how each of the above resources works because you’ll find two free links below that cover all of this in detail.

It is worth mentioning that however you approach your new internet marketing career, you are going to have to promote either yourself or your product.

You could do promotions through ‘pay per click’. I strongly recommend that you do not go near pay per click until you have thoroughly researched it. I do need to stress that in no way is PPC a scam or even a bad thing, because it is neither. Suffice to say that PPC has no conscience, get it wrong and it will wipe you out financially.

The list of ‘weapons’ above includes the ability to write in decent English. There is a very good reason for this. Since long before the internet was conceived article marketing has been a hugely successful way to reach prospective customers. The main problem in the old days was that to get a self serving article accepted by a major publication usually involved a hefty fee. Not any more. The internet allows us to get our message to everyone on Earth, free of charge. By publishing an article online your audience is a worldwide one. It doesn’t matter what language they speak either. Good old Google will translate it for them into their own language. How massive is that? Writing short articles, like this one, is something you’re going to need to do if you’re to avoid expensive paid advertising. Think of it as a part of your apprenticeship.

At this stage you may be thinking that what I’ve described seems like a lot of work. This is only because you probably don’t know how to do the above effectively yourself yet. I fully realise this. That is why I’ve provided two more free resources below. The first is to my blog where you will learn the basics of ‘how to’. The second is to one of my Squidoo pages that you haven’t seen yet. This will demonstrate how to monetize your own lens. On both you will find easy ways to make money home online. It won’t be easy immediately but the more practice you have the easier it will become. Be sure to bookmark my blog, as there is new content every week.

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