If you want to become a successful eBay seller you need to familiarize yourself with some simple eBay tricks first.

Some of the tips I share with you in this article can make or break an eBay business in the beginning phases.

The same item listed in two different ways can sell for very different prices. It has only to do with the title, the description, the length of the auction, the end time and day of the auction, the start price, listing features and a couple of other deciding factors.

One thing that I also want to make clear right from the get-go is that there is no magic formula. The closest thing that I can give you to a magic formula is doing your research. And I’ll show you how to do that.

But first you have to understand why the title of your auction is so important. In fact the title is the most important element of your auction. Because almost every eBay user searches only in titles and not in the description. So if you don’t have the right keywords in your title, keywords that attract buyers to an auction, the most buyers will not even be aware of your auction, even if they search for it.

And if your auction gets found by only a few buyers, then you will have to sell it a lot cheaper than if you get lots of prospects visiting your auction.

There are different ways to find out what keywords to put in the auction title. One of them is to search in the expired auctions on eBay through the advanced search function. This way you can see for how much identical items have sold in the past. You will notice that some of them sold for more than others even though they were identical. If you notice such a difference, find out what caused that.

Compare the auction titles, the description, the start and end date, the start price and other elements.

Another way to do that is through keyword research. You can find the most popular searched for items on eBay. eBay actually makes this information available to you. You just have to use it.

There are other methods for doing keyword research, but I can’t possibly list them all in this article. Just start with these methods and if you need more I’ll be glad to help you.

Another important thing in eBay auctions nowadays is video. eBay allows you to embed videos into your eBay auction descriptions. This is really great because a video says more than a thousand words. You can just take an easy simple video from your product, load it up on YouTube and embed that into your auction. Believe it or not, they are scientific studies that prove that people are much more likely to buy when they see a video of the actual product.

The description also matters a lot. You want to use compelling sales copy in your description. You want to give the visitor to your auction every reason to buy from you now. And that’s an art in and of itself. But there are a couple of tricks that make mastering this art fast really easy.

There are many more pieces to the eBay auction listing puzzle, and you can find out about them at the Auction Informer website. There you’ll find lots of tutorials, how to guides, step-by-step videos to watch, and audio files to listen to and special reports on making money with eBay auctions. And it’s all free.

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