If you want to make money selling on eBay, you can help increase your profits by setting up an eBay store. The easy-to-build store format lets you customize your eBay store design so that you can create a recognizable brand and attract more repeat buyers – without spending a lot of advertising dollars.

When you market to a specific niche or carry a certain line of products, you will generally attract a particular type of customer. If shoppers buy something from you, they may be interested in another item that you sell.

When you have your merchandise conveniently displayed in one location, buyers can more easily find what they are looking for. This can increase the number of products that you sell – without you having to work so hard to find new customers.

Layout Options:

In addition to listing multiple items for sale in your eBay Store, you can customize the design. There are basic and advanced website layout options, depending on your display needs. Advanced users can incorporate HTML code with the “Store Design” link.

The standard eBay store templates make getting started easy, and the customizing ability lets you tailor your site to your shoppers’ needs. You can continue to make changes to your store as needed, so you are never stuck having one eBay store design.

Store Name and Logo:

Establishing your own unique store name and adding a company logo can make your eBay store stand out from other stores. You also create a professional company image which builds more trust with first-time shoppers. People are more likely to buy from businesses they trust.

There are professional logo designers you can hire like The Logo Company, but you can save money by designing your own logo yourself with online tools like Logo Maker. Then, you simply upload your logo to your eBay store. You can also use your logo on shipping labels, business cards and other marketing materials.

Adding a store description alongside your logo at the top of the page helps visitors understand what your store is about and why they should buy from you. It is a good idea to keep your description brief and focus on the benefits you offer (like fast or cheap shipping, guarantees, etc.).

Product Categories:

If you are selling many different products, it may make sense to divide the items up into categories to make it easier for shoppers to find things. eBay stores let you organize products into categories and create a cleaner eBay store design. Currently, you can create up to 300 different categories. There is also a search box included to help visitors navigate your site.

You can also incorporate “promotion boxes” to highlight items on sale at discounted prices or hot-sellers. This is a tool that helps shoppers find what they want quickly, therefore encouraging more purchases.

Selling on eBay can provide a lucrative income, but you want to treat it as any professional business. Set up a store for your customers to buy from, and the easiest way to do this is with an eBay store.

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