People have started to realize that it is much easier to build a company with the right people in a borderless and globalized world. Some submitted ideas on Build-a-Company are almost a blank piece of paper with some volatile thoughts, other projects are almost ready to go or maybe even realized to some extent. There is no right or wrong, says co-founder Jeppe Hansen.
It is valid to compare the site to other dating sites. All around the world people are looking for partners, however the partners being searched for at Build-a-Company are people with a passion for building great companies. So in many ways the members at Build-a-Company are at least as serious, as the ones at conventional dating sites, most likely much more serious. The site members want to create jobs or participate in interesting projects, find long term relationships with the right people and create wealth for themselves. This is hardcore business dating.
Just like any other dating site it is all about finding the missing piece to the puzzle. Some members might need a web developer, a sales person, an investor, a business insider or a person with deep understanding of a certain industry. Though love claims to be borderless, entrepreneurship really is. The missing piece, the right partner, is out there, especially for the ones who search globally. Members are safe in the knowledge that there are thousands of people around the globe with exactly the same barrier, the missing link, preventing them from creating a great company. That is why Build-a-Company is such a success.
Build-a-Company has made entrepreneurship borderless and new companies will grow more aggressively and with greater maturity than ever before. Time to market will decrease dramatically with new companies utilizing the power of a social network, globalization and innovation. It has never been easier to validate and mature ideas with the help of thousands of like-minded people and companies in the same community.
In a time of global crisis, people all over the world are still determined to fulfill their dreams in local or global setups. It is easy for any entrepreneur to get going. A volatile business idea can be submitted within minutes and from there on thousands of members can access the idea to help or get involved in the project. This, on the other hand, also means that individuals, companies or capital fund constantly are monitoring Build-a-Company for projects to get involved in, because who wants to miss out on the next Wal-Mart?

Build-a-Company is connecting the right people rapidly & the site is considered a paradigm shift in the way companies are being built.Meanwhile,entrepreneurs are unconsciously fighting recession by creating jobs for others along the way. Who knows, there might be a new Wal-Mart or Nestl among the many great projects on the website?No wonder companies & capital funds are monitoring Build-a-Company