Most business owners might complain about the cost of setting up a franchise is too high for them to even consider buying one of them and in most instances it is just to cover all the set-up expenses that are incurred when the business is set up. You need to remember that signage, furniture, cutlery, crockery, and all the interior decorations all need to be put in place and then your staff need to be trained up so that they know how to operate specific machinery, and management needs to be trained according to the business set processes and procedures that are required in order for them to trade under their name. That rings true for every franchise you want own, but in some cases you can buy a franchise that has a very low start up cost, and as a result you don’t have to pay a very high franchise fee.

A great example of a low fee would be something along the lines of a beauty salon like Ella Bache for example. When you take a look at their franchise fees on you will notice that they are quite low. They even offer it to you on a refundable basis in case you feel that you can’t carry on with your own business. The good thing about a franchise is that you pay them a monthly fee each month to get the support of a big corporate company instead of trying to rest all the big responsibilities on your own shoulders. You pay a small royalty each month, that is usually lower than 10% in total and they often do all the marketing for your business so that you know you are always going to get new customers coming through your doors.

You also get the operations support to help you run your business effectively and profitably by using a proven business model that is both profitable and rewarding.

When your business grows past your own capabilities, you will need to look at hiring new staff and they will also need to be trained up to ensure that they deliver top quality service to your clients in the exact same way you would. In time, they will also grow to start their own business one day.

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