Over 1.5 billion users on the Internet. One million new users come online every day. The power of these numbers is staggering. No brick-and-mortar business could ever compete with a company that caters to those numbers. Even if it advertises on the Internet, only a limited number will be able to come in to the store and buy its product. This is probably the main reason why online businesses are exploding. Now, this amazing, unprecedented opportunity comes with the good, the bad, and the ugly.

If you are looking for a legitimate business opportunity online, how are you going to navigate through this often-intimidating world of information? Of course, your language and the type of business or product you are interested in will somewhat limit your search. In the US alone, over 250 million users are on the Internet. Thousands, if not millions, are offering opportunities to make you rich. How do you sort through all the dirt to find the diamond that best fits you? I would like to offer two suggestions to help you sail into the right port.

First, you have to determine if what is being offered is even possible. Come join and in the first week you’ll be making $ 5,000! For most people, it takes at least a week just to get their website up and running. I think most of us understand that if they promise you will get rich quick, it’s not a legitimate business. People with desperate financial needs often fall prey to this come on. When you sign up for information on an opportunity and you get some photocopied booklet in the mail, throw it away.

Now, if someone actually calls you, this is where you can really get a handle on the legitimacy of the business.

If the person just starts giving their spiel, they will probably ask you a lot of questions to get you to say, “Yes.” Want a better life? Well, yeah. Want a better situation for you and your family? Well, yeah. Do not let that scenario get off the ground. As soon as the first question is asked, here’s what you need to say: “Before I answer your question, I would like to ask some questions myself. Would that be OK?” If it is not OK and they just revert back to their spiel, just thank them for their time, tell them to have a nice day, and hang up. Trust me, if you don’t give them the right answers, they are going to hang up on you.

So what questions do you need to ask? You need to know how long the company has been operating. Who are the founders of the company? This you want to know so you can do your due diligence and research these people. You want to know how often the callers sponsor communicates with them. Was it a “hit-and-run” sale? The sponsor sold the product and ran off to get the next sign-up? What kind of support does the company offer? Tele-seminars? Webinars? Conference calls? Does the back office have everything you need to really learn the business? Is there daily training that is recorded and downloaded into the back office? How about technical support? If these critical factors are not available…well, you know how to hang up.

The second suggestion I want to make is perhaps more important. You need to listen to how the person responds to your questions. You need to hear the tone of their voice. Are they irritated you’re asking questions? Are they giving you answers to your questions or just using evasive tactics? You must listen to your gut. It may just be a nudge, but it will tell you if the person can be trusted or not. We all know the slick salesman and usually run the other way. Same on the phone. The person’s character can be heard. Is this a person you feel you would enjoy working with? Does he or she sound honest? Trust your gut! Don’t let them suck you into their promises of wealth. You may well be in desperate financial need, but you must stay calm and objective. No one in this economy can afford to spend money on a fly-by-night scam.

Once you have all the information you need and have done thorough due diligence, listen to your gut and make the best decision possible. There are some great companies out there, and I wish you all the very best in your search.