When beginning your online business the first challenge is to find a niche that has a buying-frenzy market. And that is easy to say but harder to accomplish. Nowadays there are lot of people online studying the secrets of internet marketing who haven`t begun their online business venture because they just don`t know what niche to choose. Maybe your one of them but don`t feel discouraged. Because I also was one of you. So is it so hard to choose a hot niche? The truth is NO It`s Not! Do me a favor and go find a pen and a piece of paper and follow me along:

1) What are you really passionate about?

This is the best and simplest way to start because you know a lot about this topic already and keeping high motivation is no problem.

2) What specific topic do you know more then 99% of the population?

You are already an expert in this specific topic whether you believe it or not. Lets brake down the term “expert”. It is a person who knows more about a specific topic then the average Joe. If you are not very informed about anything specific then read 10 or more books about a certain topic.

3) What are your daily chores?

Things you do everyday that you don`t even realize. Are you good at positive thinking, parenting, organizing, knitting etc…? People having trouble in that area can really use your help and are willing to pay good money.

4) Find a issue that needs addressing and fix it

Maybe you conquered something in the past and others who are facing the same problem can really use your expertise.

5) Choose your long tailed keywords

Type in google: Google Keyword Tool.

Now type your niche keywords that you have chosen into the box, separating them with a coma and hit enter to get keyword ideas. Doing this you will find out how many times a month people search your keywords. If the number is below 1500 then there is no profit for you to make if it`s above that number then it`s somewhat worth doing business. When 10 000 to 50 000 hits then it`s your lucky brake and above 100 000 choose a sub niche due to extremely high competition.

6) Search google

Also you should do you homework with google by typing in your keywords and browsing the first three pages. Are there sponsored links on the right corner or sites that sell something? If not then there is a reason behind it, no market, no one is buying. You should always follow the market!

7) Is the Niche seasonal or not?

Now type in your browser: Google Trends and look at the charts. Find out if the niche is seasonable and take full advantage of it. For example the keyword “loose weight” is the highest at the beginning of the year because of the New Year`s Eve Wish.

Really make the effort of answering the questions. In the end of the day choose a niche… It can be anything from knitting to dog training! And remember that you don`t have to be the worlds best expert to help people and add value. Best advice that I can give you is:”just get started and have fun!”

Martin Saar is founder of My Online Business Secrets where you can find top notch internet marketing secrets that will skyrocket your profits. Get your free Traffic Report at: http://www.myonlinebusinesssecrets.com