The early morning of March 6, Yuanjiang city, town, south mouth Mountain Island Sipan village, Marlon, will be more than a thousand pounds of organic vegetables loaded onto trucks destined for Shenzhen. These are not spraying pesticides, fertilizers, vegetables, with a “vegetables,” the pragmatic sense of the people of Shenzhen has become a regular dish on the table.
 Sipan Shan Chau is one of Dongting Lake in China embankment, the history of suffering from the floods hit, now integrated into the country’s organic agricultural production base. Today’s Sipan Mountain Island, eyeful is full Cuiwei tall and straight trees and lush green farmland, because the cultivation of vegetables Without any chemical agents, soil and water quality have also been effectively protected, wherever they went gurgling streams, bu zhi head, just like entering a picture of one of the original ecology of the green.
“In order to ensure that consumers safe to eat, I will spray your mobile phone number on the outside of the package. Prior to purchase, consumers can call mobile phones for information, if there are problems, but also can be traced.” Zhang Jianhua reporters covering the right to go said that this innovative approach, let us quickly get the organic produce market acceptance, the public bought at ease. At present, the Sipan Mountain Island Organic Farming Association has more than 600 farmers to promote the move has also become Hunan “vegetables” the most resounding signs.
 Reporter saw in the village, each household has a farm diary, detailed record of the daily production process. Zhang Jianhua’s diary at home turn a thick book, can not find the above, “pesticide”, “fertilizer”, which can see is that after the organic agricultural production, rising crop yields and prices. Production base in place stringent food safety inspection regulations, and to the individual responsible. So far, 17 farmers for violating the rules or falsification of the diary farming was “kicked out of Office.”
 “Vegetables” in a bigger market also won the first move. Last year, by the end of November, Mountain Island Sipan granted direct supply of vegetables in Shenzhen, the throughput gradually rising, dealers are constantly urged to broaden product areas, as soon as possible transport of organic chicken, organic eggs, organic fruit and other new products. At present, the output of Sipan Island mountains more than 100 kinds of vegetables, fruits, hot sales, despite high prices than ordinary fruits and vegetables, but still Zouqiao market. In particular, organic orange, because the quality and safety checks are effective, successfully passed the stringent international certification, pass across the sea into Canada, the U.S. supermarket.
 Now, Zhang Jianhua, and Mountain Island Sipan other villagers are trying to achieve a bigger dream – so that they can produce all the organic products are out of the “abroad” so that Hunan’s “vegetables” on their way in the world’s table!

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