(000 100) less than traditional business profit contribution

2007 TCL Group annual report, the company achieved net profit of 395.8156 million yuan, reversing two consecutive years of losses. As

TV Business continued losses, the profit contribution of traditional business is obviously insufficient, and accounted for Nearly half net profit and investment real estate, logistics services, small business, and the stability of the remaining proceeds are insufficient, the company lifted despite delisting risk, but it is still difficult to achieve sustained business growth.

The reporting period the company achieved operating income of 39,063,000,000 yuan. Among them, multi-media electronics industry revenues of 20.717 billion yuan, 54.4% of total revenue, compared with 2006, down 9.25 percentage points.

TV business overall decline in sales in the domestic market in 2007 to 7.14 million units, down 10.5%; Europe, North America, emerging markets and strategic OEM sales decreased 50.6%, 45.1%, 23.3% and 57.3%.

TV to present the company CRT Mainly in 2007 TCL Group 15 million units of color TV sales, the LCD TV only 8%. If the higher margin sales of LCD TVs in the short term increase delays, and other domestic color TV manufacturers in the competition, TCL fear will again fall on the next wind.

TV business is currently still on the company lost money, the only good news is that in the highly competitive TV market in China, TCL’s brand market share of about 19.4%, compared to 18% in 2006, up 1.4 percentage points.

2007, the company real estate and investment as well as logistics and services business were substantial increases in sales revenue of 559 million yuan respectively, and 5.355 billion yuan, the ratio of total revenue, respectively 1.47% and 14.06%, total contribution to net profit 190 million yuan, accounting for 47% of the total net profit.

Reporting period to full contraction of international and domestic telecommunications business multimedia services, computer company through transfer of shares, closed TTE European operations and other measures, the progressive realization of “downsizing plan.” Thus, in 2007, communications,

Home Appliances And parts industries have different degrees year on year decline.

Company mobile phones to 11.9 million units sold throughout the year, achieved sales of 4.825 billion yuan, down 11.4%.

Household Appliance Industry in 2007 sales revenue of 3.816 billion yuan, down 7.41%, decline in sales that the company has yet to improve product competitiveness.

Current cash flow situation is worrying, and in 2007 the company net cash flow from operating activities was -2.84 billion, relying as much as 4.484 billion yuan of new loans before the stock guarantee adequate funding. And 72.65% of the asset liability ratio and quick ratio 0.84 shows that both long-term debt or short-term risks are not be overlooked.

Sichuan Chang (6.90, -0.35, -4.83%) (600 839)

Poor TV growth Reporting period, the company’s 2007 operating income of 23.047 billion yuan, up 21.99%; net profit of 337 million yuan, up 47.14 percent over 2006.

With Refrigerator

, Mobile phones and IT operations to achieve such rapid development, the company earnings in 2007 constitute the presence of related diversification characteristics. Sales of the traditional TV business total revenue increased from 51% in 2006 to 47%; refrigerator, phone and IT services sales increased by 76.3% year on year, 56.16% and 7.86%, total revenue increased accordingly .

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