Your inbox is overflowing, you need to call your clients, your new product brochure is yet to get the final touches, you just have no time for marketing and of course new business ideas are not even in your dreams. Don’t you think you are chasing your schedules on a vintage car in this world of F1 business? Yes, its time to get some virtual assistants, who just are not there to annoy or distract you but get your stuff done on time? Let’s look at some best ways to find a virtual assistant for your business that can erase your backlogs and put you on track.

Social networking

A good way to find virtual assistant services, as most of the virtual assistants constantly use these cheaper and effective social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter to identify and get engaged by businesses. You can also look for forums and groups, supporting and coordinating on issues or aspects of virtual assistant services and related areas.


Elance is a good place to find a virtual assistant or firms offering virtual assistant services.

You get multiple bids and proposals for your job, to choose from. Remote workers from all over the world bid for your job and you in return can be assured of some good quality work at low costs. Language may be a barrier as you are dealing with people from all around the globe, however you can choose virtual assistants who can understand your language and requirements well and get you what you want.

VA Networking

A place where most virtual assistants network and offer you high quality services, you can send your RFP and get bids from some well qualified virtual assistants who can do a decent job for you. You may find more Americans bid on this site, which helps you erase cultural barriers and understanding hindrances. Overall an excellent place to find virtual assistant services.

Check with other businesses

This is another way to easily find virtual assistants who have proved their worth. You just need to look around and talk to companies in your locality, who have already engaged a virtual assistant; you can take their feedback and go ahead with them. You never know, you may find some good assistants nearby.

Google it

Simple and effective, just Google “Virtual Assistants” and you will be bombarded with links and resources which may find you someone nearby or some good service provider offering virtual assistant services. The challenge obviously is pruning the plethora of options to find your exact fit. Virtual assistants and service providers are using all means to market themselves like: joining groups, participating in online forums, listing in online directories, blogging and so on. This is the precise reason why you should Google it out to track these assistants.

Other useful places

There are numerous other services which can find you the right virtual assistant services that you are looking for. Some of the prominent ones are: Assistant Match,, Resource Nation, Virtual Assistance Chamber of Commerce and so on. You can also check with Virtual Assistance U, who certifies virtual assistants, on certain parameters, ensuring your qualified services.

On a closing note all I can say is, finding a virtual assistant or businesses offering virtual assistant services is all the more easier in this highly connected and collaboratively online world.

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