We are constantly looking for new ways to make money. Either to supplement our income or as a way to earn a full income new money making ideas are constantly coming up.

Instead of working 40 hours a week for a pittance it would be a great idea to consider a better option that gives you more money for a lesser input. Making money online guarantees that. You can earn lots of money working just a few hours a day.

For newbies making money online might prove a bit elusive. I have however listed the easiest ways you can make money online and be able to work from home.

1. Make money from your blog- If you have a blog that gets lots of good traffic you can make some good cash if you monetize it. The most popular way to go about this is to run Google Adsense. Adsense ads are highly relevant as Google runs contextual advertising(ads relevant to content) and geographical targeting(ads relevant to geographical location) to ensure maximum clicks and subsequently revenue. You can make lots of money from your blog.
2. Make money on eBay- Ebay has unlimited income potential, you can get in today and nobody will notice the difference. You can sign up for a free account and sell stuff you do not need. Later you could buy stuff like toys, computer games and the like and sell them at ebay for profit. The income potential will be determined by the effort you put in.
3. Affiliate Marketing- Do you know how many people shop online? Did you know that you could earn a percentage of what they spend simply by referring them? Sure. Welcome to the world of affiliate marketing. Imagine this, if you wrote a 400 word article reviewing some product on your blog and then place your affiliate link at the bottom. By helping buyers choose what to spend their money on you can start making money too. Just sign up with a few good affiliate programs like CJ, Clickbank, Amazon among others.
4. Take surveys and make money- This is the easiest. Get paid for your opinion. Sign up with a few good survey companies,check you email and pick the best surveys. You can make some extra money for that night out at a fancy restaurant in town.

Those are the most popular ways of making money online. Remember working online is not that hard and you only need some small effort to succeed.

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