Urban Miss Jiang did not expect much, a few days,

Home Appliances

The recovery of prices will shrink so much, and Jiu Jiadian recycling prices generally declined.

Jiu Jiadian “value” suddenly shrink

9 30, Miss Jiang and his companions in the urban areas, a large store to buy household appliances. Miss Jiang bought a 3,500 yuan in



And 4,500 yuan Siemens



Sales staff told her, the state issued a “

TM to

“The new policy. If Miss Jiang has Jiujia Dian, then the price of new appliances can then enjoy a 10% subsidy. Miss Jiang from the mall a” national “TM” sales, recycling successful enterprise “booklet see, “


Machine subsidy cap to 400 yuan / sets, refrigerators 300 yuan / Taiwan. “This means that she bought two pieces of home appliances, could save another 600 dollars.

“Not only this, recovery workers take away Jiujia Dian home when you have to pay a Jiu Jiadian recovery money.” Sales said. Booklet on the show, a 17-inch computer monitor recycling price is 40 yuan.

Miss Jiang, 2 an old monitor, count TM, less able to pay a total of 680. Miss Jiang and his companions on that day they agreed to apply for the “TM” business.

10 17, there are door staff to handle towing procedures, taking away the Jiujia Dian, but only one monitor to the Miss Jiang to pay 10 yuan.

“How a sudden drop of the price? What was not talked about a good?” Miss Jiang asked.

“Now Jiujia Dian recovery price drop down.” Words thrown the staff, they towed the machine.

“One monitor on the value of 10 yuan, which is too cheap a.” Miss Jiang puzzled. This display usually sell second-hand goods market, to sell a 7 80 yuan.

Price of the supermarkets Jiujia Dian

Heavy Recovery

Reporter went to this store, apply for the “TM” business related personnel to reporters produced a list, identifying the various Jiujia Dian recovery price. “This is starting from October 1 implementation.” Recycling staff acknowledged a general lowering of prices, this list is also the Jinhua area of the store came Ministry, at present they can only be handled in accordance with the price. Staff also said that Jiu Jiadian the cost of recycling has regional differences, before the Miss Jiang was in Beijing to see the prices, they will be higher.

10 20 journalists have general inquiries urban agriculture, the country over the United States and other home appliances store, get the same recognition that the recovery of our city’s Jiu Jiadian general price decline.

Industry that is “



Phnum appliances staff cited an example of the previous 21-inch color TV, customers who participate in TM, the recovery of the price it was 30 yuan, 10 yuan and now it is.

“Adjustment ’11’ a few days before.”


Fan manager said that some prices are even up, but there are a lot of drop. Fan manager, said the city is almost home appliances shopping malls full launch in August, “TM” business. At that time the cost of recycling is a reference to the implementation of Beijing, Zhejiang and did not put a specific price list. To September, the province introduced a Jiu Jiadian recovered only nominal price of the standard, they only refer to the implementation of the provisions of the province.

Fan manager added, to recover Jiu Jiadian the country identified the unit, is the successful informal enterprises.

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