Recently, this reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture, due to the city to actively implement Agricultural Machinery Purchase subsidies, farmers are very enthusiastic to buy all kinds of farm machinery. According to the latest statistics, last year only 556 new units on agricultural tractors, agricultural tractors, the city reached 31,919 units. At the same time Other agricultural machinery Also increased to some extent, the city Agricultural machinery Level continue to walk in the forefront of the province.

Mechanized rice production reached the level of 60.9%

According to reports, the city last year, the total power of agricultural machinery reached 1.582 million kilowatts, up 1.04% over the previous year. The city’s rice production (tillage, planting, harvesting) integrated mechanization level to reach 60.9%, 3.12% increase over the previous year, of which 95.5% tractor, an increase of 1.5 percentage points over the previous year; rice machine area of 11.5 mu plug seedlings, an increase over the previous year more than double the rate of 4.16% machine plant; Rice Combine Reached 2667 units, 241 units the previous year, the yield of 70% or more machines, a relatively large increase over the previous year.

According to provincial agricultural department, financial department, “Guangdong Province in 2009 the central government farm machinery purchase subsidy program”, in 2009 the city farm machinery purchase subsidy arrangements for funds 19.3 million yuan, up 13.1% over the previous year, of which the central 14.6 million yuan, Provincial 4.7 million yuan. Last year, the city received subsidies for 3773 sets of Agricultural Machinery, involving total capital of 15,755,700 yuan, accounting for national and provincial funds issued 81.64% subsidy.

Major farm machinery increased rapidly It is understood that the implementation of farm machinery purchase subsidy policy in the work, municipalities, districts adhere to the improvement of equipment structure and improve the overall level of agricultural technology, and enhance overall agricultural production capacity as the main line, to promote the mechanization of rice transplanting and crop related education Key Production processes sector into focus, outstanding efficiency, energy saving, safety, environmental protection, advanced agricultural machinery and tools, with full respect for the autonomy of farmers to buy farm machinery, standard operating procedures, increase the subsidy policy advocacy efforts to maximize financial subsidy policy guide effect.

Farmers to buy farm machinery

initiative last year to further improve, in addition to tractors, the rice transplanter add 161 units, 241 units of rice combine harvester new. This fishery oxygen machine, feeding machine, and other new farm machinery purchase subsidy included in the central financial products, aquaculture, as the city developed rapidly in recent years, oxygen machine has become a major last year, farmers purchase agricultural machinery and tools, according to statistics, last year Farmers in the city to purchase a total of 3248 units aerator. According to regulations, a farmer (fish farmers) subsidies for purchase of aerators during the year no more than 6 sets, but the reporter found that about one-third of farmers to purchase six sets of city farmers purchase farm machinery enthusiasm is evident.

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