One of main fears that Newbie’s have when they first think of joining the internet marketing community is that they don’t want to be scammed. These Newbie’s may not know a lot about marketing yet, but most are aware that in many respects the internet is the new ‘wild west’. To avoid getting burned by the unscrupulous I always give Newbie’s the same advice. Learn the basics and keep your money in your pocket! Legitimate ways make money online, so don’t get involved in any sort of offer unless it is recommended by someone you feel you know really well and have come to trust.

Generally speaking it is far safer to stick to tried and tested marketing techniques. The best of all, in my opinion is article marketing. I know that many people don’t feel that they can do this, but trust me. If you want to get ahead of your competition all you’re going to need is a free Squidoo page and a well researched written article.

Let us not get in front of ourselves. We’ve already agreed that legitimate ways make money, so let’s put together a legitimate business base. Better than that let’s do it at no cost.

Open up a free Squidoo account. Remember your user name and password.
Open up a free account with Clickbank. We’re going to find an ebook that we can sell for a commission as an affiliate.
Open up a free Paypal account. This is where your earnings will be sent to.
Open at least two free accounts with article directories. There are thousands of these but amongst the best are; articlebase, ezinearticles and goartictles.

None of the above has cost you anything and everything you need has been set in place. Let’s go to work.

Don’t worry if you feel that I am not giving every detail you’re going to need, because there are two more free resources available to you at the end of this article that describe the ‘nuts and bolts’ that you’re going to need. Here is a condensed version of what you’re going to do.
Visit the Clickbank marketplace and look at the thousands of products that they have there. If you see anything ‘hypey’ ignore it, you are not there to spend money. Choose a product that pays a minimum of 50% commission and click the ‘promote’ button. Following the instructions copy your promotional code and paste it into Wordpad (Not Word). Note; for this first product, choose something that you know something about, maybe based on a hobby or something you love. You’ll see why later.
Sign in to your Squidoo account and click on ‘make a new lens’. Following the instructions enter the details asked for. Be careful when you choose the Squidoo title of your lens as this is the only part that you cannot change. Go on to make your lens one paragraph, or module, at a time. Be sure to use a picture in your introduction, this could be a picture provided by the Clickbank vendor or one of your own. You need to complete at least three text modules for the lens to be affective. You can enter ‘anchor text’ links within your lens that will transfer your reader to the vendor’s sales page. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do anchor text, it’s covered within the other free resources.
Write an article, or better still two or three, that will tell your readers a story or give real information about the product you are selling, but do not mention the product and do not try to sell anything in the body of the story. This is a general rule so stick to it.
Complete your bio box. Look at other articles on your chosen article site and see how they do it. Put no more than two anchor text links back to your Squidoo page. Do not try to place a link to your vendors sales page, it is not generally allowed.
Press the publish button

As I said earlier, this is a condensed version of what you need to do so check on the further free information for a full step by step instruction. So, having said all that, you have covered the basics of a legitimate and honest business.

At this stage you’re probably thinking that what I’ve described seems like a lot of work. This is only because you probably don’t know how to do the above effectively yourself. I fully realise this. That is why I’ve provided two more free resources below. The first is to my blog where you will learn the basics of ‘how to’. The second is to one of my Squidoo pages that you haven’t seen yet. This will demonstrate how to monetize your site. On both you will find a wealth of free information, with more being added every week. Be sure to bookmark the blog and pass it on to your friends.Legitimate ways make money online, you’ll not need more.

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