Now, simplicity, green has become the new avant-garde way of life. This year, LG has once again launched the second generation family of products cookies, mini cookies phones. As a cost-effective fashion full touch screen phone, LG “mini cookies” Ethical Functions in the design, but functionality has not been compromised in mobile communications, multimedia and entertainment with excellent core performance, and continued the series Cookies Fun interface, 3.0 inch touch screen and other highlights of the design, plus very close to the people of the market price of 1,800 yuan, “small” city has become white-collar as attracted to the election.

To meet the needs of users, while rational consumption, LG is keen to capture more consumers become increasingly concerned about the immediate environment around the emotional needs of mobile mini cookie is a very scarce on the market a green Environmental protection Design phones. From just near the end of the world’s largest consumer CES Electronic Show, we can easily find mobile phones and other environmental protection is becoming a new consumer electronics products hot. LG Mobile Mini Cookies homogenization, not only in mobile terminals has become more evident today, a breath of fresh blood, but also more in keeping with today’s people are active, healthy lifestyle, so they concern upon release.

People say, the phone is like your lover.

I, a standard OfficeLady, mobile phones, in which nature plays a crucial role. LG mobile phones into mini cookies until my sight, it is not only small and exquisite impressive, practical functions and perfect price-performance ratio is in line with my purchase criteria.

See it, there are only small body size of credit cards, a trace of an aura, only 11.2mm slim figure is particularly said I took the hand. Especially the front of the phone only people are sinking HoMEKey button is full of praise. Simply click the main menu to complete the switch, telephone answering and hang up the functional identification and cancellation of such a wide variety of operations. A key can be done!

In my purchase is an important criterion: style introverted steady, but without losing taste exquisite. LG Mini Cookies phone just suits my eye. The phone uses a narrow frame design, looks more agile, capable, restrained and fashion, silver-gray tone is also very intellectual taste, meet the requirements of Office family.

General, people choose the phone can be divided into two kinds of perceptual choice and rational choice. LG mobile phone is a mini-cookies are very rational purchase for those of us who’s products. First, the store price of this phone is 1788 yuan. Its high cost, in addition to slim, 3-inch-wide touch the big screen, the 3 million pixel camera, full multimedia playback capability, FM FM radio these features are also very high I usually use the frequency function.

Course, the busy work for me on the phone also has a new interface design requirements. LG Mobile to provide a quick mini cookie function interface that allows you comfortably to the unique mobile home dressed up. Whether the clock, calendar, radio, or memorandum, Picture Viewer and Music Players And other small accessories can be added to the desktop, clicking on one of the pendant, the pendant will be on their own to enlarge the icons and pop up the appropriate interface.

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