There are so many accidents people can have with their cars in daily life, in these cases liability insurance is beneficial to the user. In comparation between liability insurance and car insurance, liability insurance is compulsory giving more complete services than car insurance. In those cases, the insurance company would cover a percentage of the damages done to the person. The compensation for damages done to property is less significant.  There are some services offered: travel assistance, legal support and driver’s insurance.


In Spain driving insurance is compulsory and required by law. This has been done to avoid further problems when car accidents happen. For instance, liability insurance would cover a third party in case of an accident. Auto Insurance is highly important because even if the responsible for the accident claims bankruptcy, the third party involved will be compensated by the insurance company.


Auto insurance covers the driver of the vehicle from the damages that may be caused to third party drivers and their property. This type of insurance covers the liability of the driver and the vehicle owner. This means that any person who drives will be covered even if it someone else is driving the vehicle. But if the driver is younger than 25 years and has a driver’s license that expired two years ago the insurance company may reduce the compensation if an incident occurs.


Some countries, like Spain, require liability insurance by law. This means that in order to drive your car you need to have it. This insurance guarantees that the insured will pay, through the insurance company, for the damage done to a third party.


Advantages: the insurance company pays for property and personal damage with the compensation limits set by law.


Nevertheless, liability insurance does not cover what happens to the car of the insured in the accident.


Who buys only Auto insurance? Those who have an impeccable driving record and are convinced they have little chance of an accident. Generally, they look for insurance that is not very expensive and that covers third parties in case of accident. If you buy a new vehicle, this insurance will not be enough because liability insurance does not give protection for the damages caused to your own car.


Liability insurance will not give coverage if the insured was involved in an accident while under the influence of alcohol or drugs or if the car was stolen.



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