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The profit monster by Jamie Lewis aka Jay Dynasty is an all out package teaching you the ins and out of making money online. Including videos, books, resources and even unique ideas to get you started – The profit monster is one of the most valuable products on the market and with the multiple formats, it’s one of the only packages to include such a level of information. For only $ 49.95 it’s a real deal for everything you get.

Of course if you’ve read other eBooks as I have you might be afraid of spending money only to find you need to spend more money. It’s a fact that most other packages don’t provide any information on free money making methods. The Profit Monster on the other hand provides the whole load from free to paid methods of generating money online. Now I’m not going to kid you, the bigger piece of the pie definitely lies with the paid methods but Jay knows some of you won’t have the money and so he kindly provides a number of free methods that will give you the initial cash boost to get started with the paid methods – The paid methods basically been advertising for those wondering.

The step by step eBook and video package delves into every money making market on the internet and tells you how to make big from each of them.

From adwords to adsense, it’s all included in this tightly focused packaged.

“make extra money online”

The information on adwords alone is worth the price of the package. The author not only provides his strategies in an easy to understand format but he also provides a list of profitable keywords and ads which you can copy and use for yourself. I’ve tried many other eBooks and trust me; you won’t find such a thing anywhere else.

“make extra money online”

Adwords isn’t the only impressive side of the package either. The information on generating website traffic is come of the best I’ve seen. These unorthodox and yet brilliant traffic techniques provide the most essential element of making any money online and that’s traffic. Honestly I think all the other guides lack information on traffic. They provide some great information for making money but then fail to tell you how to get the needed traffic to actually make anything from them. That’s why I like the Profit Monster so much; it tells you how to generate the traffic to make money.

“make extra money online”

Those afraid of having to run a website to make money don’t be. Jay not only teaches you how to make a website, he also teaches you a number of money making methods that don’t require a website. So those of you who don’t want to go down the website route still have plenty to take from the profit monster. Personally though I advise you to use a website as well, it’s not difficult and it gives you another stream of income.

I don’t know about you but I get quite bored of reading so much which is why it was quite refreshing when I saw the video tutorials provided in the profit monster package. Now personally I think they’re the best part. They provide more information then the main guide and show you exactly what to do step by step. Not only that but they’re also well edited meaning none of those annoying “umm’s” or “ahh’s” that are so prominent in other packages.

The videos cover beginner and then advanced money making methods and at a steady progression you’ll have no problem understanding all of the information provided. If you do you can of course contact Jay by email and even instant messenger. He also provides his phone number but he rarely answers so I’ve found it best to email him instead.

This guide wasn’t rated the intuitive online marketing program of 2006 for anything. It really does provide everything it promises and for $ 49.95 is well worth a look in. If you really want to get in online marketing, the profit monster is a great all in one package that will take from novice to advance in a matter of days. Try it out and see what you think, you can always return it and get your money back with the 30 day money back guarantee.

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