There are quite a few ways of making money home online, though it has to be argued that some of the internets offering can be pretty pathetic, even at best. What you need to avoid at all costs is the modern equivalent of letter stuffing. This is where a company would send out all sorts of advertising that you would stuff into envelopes and lick the flap. A trained monkey could do this work and would be far happier with the peanuts it received in return.

There are offers where you agree to read advertising sites, you stay on the site for ‘X’ number of seconds and if you’re lucky, after several hours of mind numbing boredom you may have earned a Dollar. This is not my idea of fun.

There is money to be made from taking surveys at home, but again, it’s not for me. Not all companies are trustworthy and others ask you to pay them before they’ll let you join. It’s as if the tail is wagging the dog. No, there’s got to be a better way.

What about selling on Ebay? There are many people doing very well on Ebay. An Irish friend of mine has an Ebay shop where he sells a child entertainment product. He is clearing, after costs, more than 6,000 Euro a year, about $ 8300. The downside is that he has to hold the stock and do his own shipping. It has to be said though that this is extra money that he makes while running another, but associated business.

Usually people who want to make money home online either don’t have the upfront cash to consider the example above, whilst others don’t want to commit themselves to having to sell a large amount of stock. This is understandable.

So where do we go from here. If I may I would like to suggest something that will allow you to sell a lot of products that you never have to buy or ship.

It’s a starter business that allows complete flexibility to work when, and if you want. It is by no means a ‘get rich quick’ scheme, but can produce a very useful extra income. Also, it is completely free to set up and run.

Most of us will have heard of ‘Squidoo’. I have to say that it is one of my favourite sites. For those who don’t know, Squidoo is a site that allows anyone at all to set up their own webpage for free. These web pages are known as ‘lenses’. The real beauty of this site is that you don’t need any technological knowledge at all. If you can follow simple instructions you can build a lens. If you can be imaginative and make your lens interesting, that same lens can be on the first page of Google in a matter of hours. All for free. There is nothing hidden, and it is not a con. You will never be asked to part with any money. Let me tell you how it works.

When you build your lens via their inbuilt checking software, you will be given hints and tips on how to improve the page. There is also the option to add ‘selling modules’. This include Amazon, Ebay and more. Add these modules wherever you think that they look right and they become part of your lens. It’s as easy as that. Let me give you one example. When you add an Amazon module you are given the option to edit it. In edit mode you can either choose specific products to sell, or ‘let Amazon choose’. This is the easiest option. When you ‘let Amazon choose’, the internal program will match the subject matter of your lens to products that meet your lens subject. Just as an example, if your lens is about ‘Dog Training’ Amazon will show associated products within the Amazon module in real time. When someone buys one of these products you will receive commission. You never have to buy the product yourself, you don’t need to have ever seen it. They will take the order and ship it on your behalf.

Additionally Squidoo will add small text ads to your lens, known as Adsense. If someone clicks on one of these small ads, you get paid a small commission even if they don’t buy anything. You can multiply your earnings by publishing multiple lenses.

In conclusion: If you want to make money home online, without cost or risk, this is surely the way to go. It is definitely not a boring activity and it can become enjoyably addictive. The only secret is to make your lens as interesting and if possible entertaining as you can. The more people that like your lens, the more you will earn.

At this stage you may be thinking that what I’ve described seems like a lot of work. This is only because you probably don’t know how to do the above effectively yourself yet. I fully realise this. That is why I’ve provided two more free resources below. The first is to my blog where you will learn the basics of ‘how to’. The second is to one of my Squidoo pages that you haven’t seen yet. This will demonstrate how to monetize your own lens. On both you will find ways to make money home online. Be sure to bookmark my blog, there is new content every week.

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