Does this sound familiar? I became interested in the prospect of trying to make money online and Internet marketing around five years ago and have yet to make any real money. I have invested money galore in books and software and learned how to build web sites.

In addition to the money I have invested, the many hours that have gone into building two of my web sites has borne no return. I have three web sites. The first was built about 4 years ago and does nothing. The second is a good content site and makes a dribble of money. I mean a dribble from Adsense and the occasional affiliate sale (two so far).

My third site took 15 minutes yesterday. It’s hosted FREE, contains 3 Internet marketing business opportunities plus 3 traffic related products, a wealth of information on the very latest traffic generation secrets, search engine submission (I didn’t know it’s so easy) and an affiliate program.

The manual that came in the package is concise and clear so the site did only take fifteen minutes. Also in the manual is a wealth of FREE traffic generation guidance and, links to FREE sites all about how to make money online and Internet marketing.

You would think after years of trying that I would be a bit sceptical. Well yes you are right I am. As far as I can see the site and products are all created by the same person. Which means he is doing a selling job.

But so what! In my book anyone who can devise how to build a site in 15 minutes. Provide products and an affiliate program plus all of the Internet marketing information which you use to make money online is pretty smart. Why shouldn’t they be able to sell it to help them and at the same time help others to get started?

I don’t know if I will make money online with this site and could not recommend it to anyone at this stage.

What I do know is that with the Internet marketing information now in my possession this site stands a chance of helping me to make money online and my other sites will perform better as I apply the Internet marketing techniques to them.

As we try to make money online we have to invest and I am pleased with this one because although I don’t know whether it will make money I do know my accumulated experience and Internet marketing database is greatly increased.

ps. It is now eight days since the site went live and it’s just made it’s first sale. Which means that half of the modest investment has been recovered before I have completed the marketing program. Amazing!

Article by Michael Harrison, Author, Publisher and Business Consultant. Go to the 15 minute site; []

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