There are several ways that you can use the internet to get money. There are also different business models and business web structures that you can use to create a long term business and earn money through the internet. Earning money through the internet will require a lot of time and you must also exercise a lot of patience. If a person needs money instantly, you can get hired as a freelancer on the internet. The best ways in becoming a freelancer is to sign up in one of the many freelance websites there are and apply for the different jobs that the webmasters post.

Another great way to make money online is by flipping of websites. Many people will buy low cost websites and sell them later for much more than they bought them for. This process is a popular and profitable way of making money. Having a little time gives you a great opportunity to make money as you can buy these low cost websites and modify them before you sell them to get profit.

You can also earn money online by answering emails and completing surveys for various companies as there are some companies online that will pay for opinions and feedbacks. There are a few websites online that offers these services and you can sign up and start earning money immediately. Before signing up you have to make sure that the survey companies are genuine before offering any of your information as there are tons of scammers in the net today.

If you love to write, then that’s a great opportunity to make money online as you can apply as a ghost writer.

If you can create informative articles and good quality articles and ebooks then employers will love you. There are many websites accepting this kind of position. You just upload your resume in their sites and employers will contact you through your email. One is usually paid per article or monthly according to your agreement with your employer. The money is usually sent through the online transfer services.

Web development is another way of making money online. You can learn it and start developing websites for people and get jobs online. There is software on the net that you can use to design powerful websites and in this way you can make a lot of money online. You can even bid for web designing or other jobs at sites like Elance and make money online.

Offering your expertise for a fee is another way of making money online. You can either be an expert in financial planning, business planning or have skills that you can share online. You can also offer consultancy services to make extra online money in a legitimate way. If you are a good seller, you can be selling some stuff that you don’t need any more but they can still be used or you can even sell some of your work and make money online

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