Squidoo is not only can be used to promote your website and increase traffic to your website. But, by using the popularity of Squidoo, you can also make money online by creating Squidoo lens.
There are several ways to make money online by suing Squidoo. In this article, I will discuss 3 ways to make money online using Squidoo.

Way #1: Promote your own product

If you have an eBay Store or your own online shopping Web, then creating a Squidoo lens is one way for you to get new buyers. You just create a lens that is related to the theme of your online store, use the built-in function of adding eBay items or manually add item from your own online shopping Web that you choose to promote using Squidoo lens, then publish and share your lens at your social network.
The content of your lens must be related to the niche of products which you are promoting. And the link that you insert in the content must be related to the topic of the Squidoo lens. Relevant links in the content are the best way to get more sales for your product. If you use irrelevant link, the product will receive a lower sales conversion rate.

Also make sure that you don’t insert too many link in your Squidoo lens. It will make people that read your lens feel annoying, and immediately leave it. You must to make it natural. Just put between 2 – 4 links.

Way #2: Promote affiliate product

There are two ways you can make use of affiliate selling on Squidoo. One is with the use of their built-in affiliate tools or your own affiliate products.

By using Squidoo built-in affiliate tools, you can choose the products to add to your lens and you get a cut of the commission that Squidoo will receive. But, if you choose to put your own affiliate product, you can choose from several affiliate provider, you also will receive full commission if you success to sale that affiliate product.
You can use Squidoo lens as a medium to give review for your affiliate product. People usually looking for review for product they want to buy before they buy the product. It will be a good practise to try the product first, before give review. So, you can give a good and honest review. Your review must not only talking about the good of product, if you do that, it was like it’s not a review , but sales letter .

Way #3: Give service to write lens

There are so many people that know about potential of Squidoo, but don’t really have time to create their own lens on Squidoo to promote their product or Web.
If you have many experiences in article creation and Squidoo, you can offer service to create Squidoo lens for other people to promote their product or Web.
Show your expertise in creating Squidoo lens by receive award Lens of the Day(LotD) , lens that give daily and given to one lens , just one , that really stands out from the crowd .The award celebrates original writing , creativity , generosity and a willingness to try new things .
Using your experience and ability to get award from Squidoo , you can make other feel confident with you .
Squidoo is a websites that promote community building, collaboration and knowledge sharing among users. By the sites own admission , Squidoo is, “The World’s Most Popular Site” for people interested in building pages reflecting their passions , interests , books , videos or any other material for that matter.

People can use the site to promote their organization, their charity, their favourite book, a book they wrote, promote a cause or more.
People that want to promote their organization,charity, favourite book or anything need to make page at Squidoo. Pages that create at Squidoo will have a good ranking at search engine.

Users call their pages, “Lenses”, which are single page sites on a topic a user is passionate about. Some of the reasons individuals may want to build a page as a lens are:

1. To increase one’s web presence, and to gain credibility as a master of a certain subject or information. Each day it becomes increasingly difficult to promote one’s website on the Web. More and more savvy professionals are turning to new forums and platforms to boost traffic and gain credibility in their subject matter.

2. There is no cost to set up a page with Squidoo.com, one of the reason’s this new technology is so popular. Anything that is “free” on the Web is likely to earn significant interest quickly and steadily.

3. To help boost traffic to their home pages , as each web page a user builds can point to the users other web pages or blogs. Most of the web pages built on Squidoo.com are easily picked up by Google search engines and other popular search engines, so Squidoo.com provides an excellent platform for building targeted traffic.

4. To increase knowledge about a given subject. Users that are passionate about a subject can set up a lens page and send targeted traffic to content sites or information sites with information on that topic.

5. Users can use their “lens” page to earn royalty, for their company or for charity. Squidoo.com offers a built-in system allowing compensation payment made directly to owners of lens pages or to charities designated owners.