There are thousands of internet sites that promise to make you a millionaire by the time you finish reading their $ 39 e-book. That’s a joke in itself. How can anyone call 60 odd pages of extra large print, a book?

I’ve read lots of these sites. I confess that several years ago I did even buy a few of these masterpieces. After a while I realized that becoming a millionaire overnight isn’t really what I wanted. Does that sound strange?

It shouldn’t really. While I’m sure I wouldn’t complain about having a few extra millions it isn’t the important step. What is actually the most important thing is learning how to make enough.

Making enough money online should be everyone’s goal with their internet business. Enough means you don’t worry about your credit card bills. Enough pays for your monthly gas. It feeds you and it takes care of you mortgage.

I’m not saying that you should try to limit your online business in some way but just understand the important stage that making enough is. Enough gives you freedom. It allows you to give up the boring job and stop commuting in the rush hour. It gives you time at home with the kids.

Certainly you can work hard and perhaps start making lots of the extra cash for the luxuries in life but these are never as important as getting to the enough stage. That should be your main goal when starting your business. Not the new SUV and the winter vaccination in Hawaii.

Focus on making enough. No debt to worry about. No mortgage problems or fear of the monthly bills.

How much is enough? Well that depends on you and your family but it’s a lot less than millions of dollars. Since it’s less, it’s a lot easier to get to.

You online goals are not so far off therefore success is a lot closer. Once you succeed with the enough goal it will be easier to move forward to having a few luxuries. You’ll deserve them and you will have the experience an knowledge to get them.

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