Although there are numerous ways to make money online, it takes courage, patience, and determination to be successful at starting your own home business. Every day some people make a fortune from Ebay, Google AdSense, Google AdWords and MLM, while others do equally well running a freelance service business, selling products from their own website, or making commissions as an affiliate. On the other hand, most people struggle to make money from any of these proven income models. 

What is the difference between those who make money online and those who can’t seem to succeed? Obviously, e-commerce works, even for the small entrepreneur, because there are so many successful business people working from home. So, if it works, why do some people find it difficult to make even a single dollar online? 

Here are five steps to get started making money online. 

1. Be open to learning new skills. 

Someone starting a home business has to be open to learning a variety of new skill-sets and learning how to apply them

2. Be willing to start as an affiliate marketer. 

When you work at a job, you usually work under somebody who knows what they are doing. They have knowledge and experience and can guide your progress. Eventually, you, too, will be able to assume numerous responsibilities and improve the company’s bottom line. Similarly, becoming an affiliate marketer is the next best thing to an apprentice program. By selling merchandise for someone who already has a successful online business, you will also learn how to market products. 

3. Don’t think it is easier than working a regular job. 

The same principles of knowledge, skill, creative thinking, hard-work, risk-taking and going the extra mile that works so well in the offline-world applies in the online world. Despite numerous websites promising an easy solution to instant riches, this is simply not true. There is no software that generates money with just a few mouse clicks. There is no such thing as easy money. Avoid spending money on any programs that promise instant wealth. 

4. Don’t quit your day job. 

Since there is a lot of education you need to acquire and a lot of software tools to buy before you begin generating an income online, it is advisable to have a regular job while learning how to make money online. 

5. Build your own website. 

Eventually, regardless of which income model you choose, you will want to create an online web presence by building a website online where you can brand yourself and sell digital information products. Once you have a website, use PPC companies to drive traffic to it.


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