Starting of blog is very challenging way to earn some bucks. If you have chosen it as a career the task is going to be very demanding as well as challenging all the time. But you can enjoy the sweet taste of money after you put some effort in developing that blog for couple of years. In the mean time you get all the lessons of online marketing and start earning huge amount from your blog.

Let us have a look at the basic steps

Step 1: How many hours of time you can spend per day in developing your blog? This time factor is very crucial. Minimum effort can earn you some small amount which is almost negligible if you are a freelancer. But to be a professional blogger long hours are required.

Step 2: Choose the theme or the main motto of the blog. This is also very important. You must choose the topic of the blog in such a way that you can put new ideas. The concept of “Blog” was introduced to share ideas through internet. Your expertise is a must.

Step 3: Select the target audience/traffic and move along that way otherwise your blog is localized and become unexplored over the years.

Step 4: Choose a domain name for your blog and then a hosting provider to launch your first ever blog.

Step 5: Add content to your site. You must always remember that “Content is King” by any means. So high quality articles are must for a newbie blog.

Step 6: Choose long tail keywords so that the competition is less and your blog stands in the blog sphere.

Step 7: Optimize your blog to the search engines. Add Meta tag to your site and place keywords to force search engines to have a glance at the contents of your site.

Step 7: Build back links.

Back links are back bone of a blog. So as much as back link you can make your site enjoys higher search engine priority.

Step 8: Update your blog frequently. If possible add fresh content daily. At the beginning write as much you can per day.



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