With this article I am going to show you a simple method you can use to bring in $ 1000 quickly online but before I do I just wanted to let you know that making money online takes a lot of dedication. I see so many people jump online excited and ready to make some money but as soon as they see the amount of work involved they quit. Or they do a little bit of work and say that the system doesn’t work.

You can’t do that. Making money online is like anything else in your life. If you want to be successful at it you have to be dedicated. You can’t give up because you didn’t make as much as you wanted to in your first week. Just keep pushing and you will make money.

Now on to this proven method. The key to making money online is solving problems. When a person has a serious problem they gladly pay money for a solution. Your job is to provide the solution to the problem. How will you do this? In the form of a short report. Short reports are very easy to put together and they sell like crazy online.

All you need to do is go to Google and do a little research to find a problem that needs to be solved. Things that people will always look for information on are weight loss, making money, improving intimacy, rebuilding relationships and credit repair. The list is never ending. But those are just a few very profitable topics you can write a short report on.

Once you complete your short report go over to weebly and set up a simple website. Don’t worry its free. Write out a straightforward salespage and put your new site online. Price your report at $ 7 and all you would need to sell is 200 copies and you will have made over $ 1000.

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