Since my excursion into on line marketing it has been amazing the extreme differing views of this form of doing business. Then when you look at it, all types of businesses have 180 degree views on if they are good or bad. We have seen huge success like Bill Gate’s with Microsoft, to the complete disaster of the dot com era. Even though some of the dot com companies are still going strong, such as goggle. There is another new thought, that the internet brought out, that is businesses that don’t generate any income, like twitter. But yet they have huge valuations. So what’s the point, change.

The world is changing at an ever increasing speed. So is how we communicate and therefore so is business, it must. This could be one of the reasons that the current world crisis is upon us, don’t you think? Well if information is now more easily accessible than ever and faster than ever. It goes to say that business now has to be done quicker and in a new ways.

So a lot of the old business models are now,well obsolete. That’s why doing business on line is the way of the future. You can adapt at a heartbeat and get into new markets in an micro second. Also you have instant global reach, which is unprecedented in capitalist history. You can now chat simply with anyone, anywhere in the world and a lot of the time for free. This is going to cause a lot of current business models to become outdated, overnight. For example look at travel agents. They were huge business 15 years ago. ask yourself when was the last time you booked through a travel agent? If you do, what percentage of business do you now give them? Its certainly less than what it used to be.

Its continuing to spiral downward. Forcing them to niche or go on line. Which is also the action that most of the airlines have taken, now dealing direct with the customer. Without the huge labour costs that were associated with this years ago.

Retail will also change to on line, it must. As clients require quicker information, quicker service and all at a better price. What choice does it have? Which brings me to ,why I believe you should be looking at on line marketing for your future.

Firstly, on line marketing or internet marketing, is not just selling information on how to make money on line. Its any activitiy that generate revenue on line, from selling airline tickets to luxury cars. Internet marketing is now an integral part of doing business, period. If you are not marketing on line, than you are probably a very local small business. Otherwise you must be using the internet, even if its just as a glorified phone book.

All businesses within the forth coming years will have to have a large on line presence, that is actually generating an income. That’s right, all business will have an on line, money making presence. On line trading is most cost effective and global form of marketing there is. The impact of the internet is yet to be seen in its full glory. Just as the industrial age changed the world, so will the information age.

So if you want to be ahead of the curve then learn now, or be left behind. That is why there is no debate, just people frightened of change.

Anthony McCarthy, the ‘Irish Marketer’ has over twenty five years experience in business. If you want to make money then go to where you can take the first step into internet marketing and start making money on line. It will help you to take the first steps into the field and also into business. A lot of fledgling internet entrepreneurs, have no business experience. Or don’t know the steps to take to having a business on line. That’s why my system is simple. Its not mine, I have done the research and found the best Guru’s on line and learned from them. A lot of the information you will get is from them.