HC Network Security ┬áDecember 26, 360, issued orange safety security center alert: a named “license murderer” vicious Trojan downloader invasion in just 9 days, nearly one million computers. Trojan horse for the first time since the digital signature using a real “free kill” to break through almost all anti-virus software, protection, and by common infections such as QQ and the Thunder software to force the second start, and therefore have an unprecedented “free kill” and the ultra- strong hidden viability. 360 security Expert Dr. Shi Xiaohong said that, as of press before the 360 security guards are still the only killing of the Trojan can download the safety of the software, the proposed use of 360 numbers of visitors as soon as possible to conduct a comprehensive scan killing Trojan cloud, completely killing “licensed murderers.”

Dr. Shi Xiaohong, said, “licensed murderers” first appeared in the early morning of December 17, 360 samples were found to capture Trojan, the Trojan uses a company called “Hot Keys Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Company “The issue of digital signatures, anti-virus industry to avoid manslaughter as legitimate software, generally not killing a real digital signature suspicious files. Meanwhile, the Trojan will be infected with QQ and Thunder’s part of the file, which trick users to open these two commonly used software, the Trojan also will start. In other words, even if the “License killer” start their own items to be cleared off anti-virus software, it can also use QQ, or concealment Thunder such popular software startup.

It is understood that the digital signature is encrypted using the public key areas Technology Implementation, software publishers in the digital signature application, you must take good care of, “licensed murderers” digital signature using the real “free kill”, the first case at home. Dr. Shi Xiaohong that the “Hot Keys Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.” Trojan horse used by the digital signature, whether it is management oversight or Hacker Using technical means to steal, have caused very serious Accidents . To this end, 360 had an emergency and technical analysis of the Trojan sample report to the police.

360 Security Center by analysis, “License murderer” Trojan download computer users in the invasion, it will force the run “cool pig free online theater” and through a lot of vulgar pornographic films released Advertisement The same time, supplies will continue to pop up and game sites adult advertising page. Even more frightening is that it can be downloaded at any time all Daohao Trojans, and “chicken” control procedures, users of the property and Privacy Security in great danger.

According to 360 engineer, only an agent of the Trojan statistical data, 9 days in succession more than 10 million computers in the move, and is additional million units per day, the number of rapid growth, all of its agents the spread of the total business is likely to have reached the one million scale, so a spread of momentum of the most violent end of this year, most antivirus software is difficult to clean up high-risk Trojan.

Dr. Shi Xiaohong remind the majority of users, the computer suddenly slows down if there is, pop-up ad web page, probably is already being “licensed murderers,” the invasion of Trojan downloaders, 360 security guards, “Trojan cloud killing” is the sole one can completely eliminate the Trojan’s security software, users have got installed as soon as possible, so as not to suffer more serious losses.

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