The world of dating is challenging at best for many busy singles, and matchmaker sites offer an effective way for singles to get out there onto the dating field in a safe and secure environment. The way that these services works is simple – members sign up and pay a small fee, and after creating a profile on the site, they are matched with other singles who share similar interests, beliefs and other factors. Members are then connected through the site, after which they can choose to go on a date to see if the match is close enough to form something more lasting.

Some tips to keep in mind when joining a matchmaker service include the following:

Invest in your happiness – while you may need to pay a small fee in order to access the best matchmaker sites, this cost will be a huge investment in the long run, as it gives you access to all the features you will need, including messaging – cheap dating sites are never worth the small amount of money you may save.
Use natural, un-posed photographs to post on your profile – much as it may be tempting to use the glam picture of you dressed to kill in your designer heels and low-cut dress, the best type of photograph is one that shows you at your most relaxed and down to earth. Your date will have the chance to see you dressed up soon enough, but initially, you want to appear as approachable as possible.
Keep it light and easy – after all, dating should be about fun and getting to know people. Keep the stories about your ex-partner or your pets for another time when you know your love interest better, and instead talk about your work, interests and passions.
Keep your profile simple and down to earth – list all your interests and hobbies on your matchmaker profile, and explain briefly what you do for a living. You needn’t write a full essay, but a short and interesting profile that shows your varied passions and career goals is a good summary of who you are. Keep it simple, and try not to brag about your business skills or boardroom power struggles.
Try not to have too many expectations – while it can be hard not to get carried away when you feel a connection, remember that taking it slow is always the best plan. If things are meant to work out, then they will work out in their own time but putting your date off by being too eager or rushing things is a sure way to ruin the mood and your chances.
Be polite but don’t be afraid to say no either – if you don’t want to meet someone who messages you, don’t feel obligated to go on a date just because they have asked. It is entirely your choice who you wish to date, and it’s always good to trust your first impression – even if it doesn’t seem to make sense. Better safe than sorry!
Stay safe at all times – don’t give out any personal or confidential information. Whether it’s your street address, place of work or telephone number, do not ever post any information that you wouldn’t want strangers to find. Even at carefully screened matchmaker agencies, it is always best to be careful.

Bianca Jones offers advice for singles seeking the ultimate matchmaker to ensure success for corporate dating.