Also, if you calculate the time of construction, insulation and construction of plants and the period not very happy in terms of socio-economic times tend to become biblical and inconvenient.
But it seems that a new solution, logical and innovative by nature … is coming! Many people decide in a very special home that has many advantages and seems to be regarded as the way forward in the future: old wooden houses. And we must not think that wooden house is synonymous with a tool shed or cottage garden because now the work is so professional and peculiar that wooden houses are made real and not just in the mountains. This type of building construction it is used now in any area, whether for new construction of single family homes, detached but also for extensions of existing housing. Not only that, many companies offer wood construction suitable for use as businesses or even homes as condominiums or studios can be used both as dwellings and as offices.

The advantages are certainly numerous. The first is certainly the cost savings: the wood is a material that costs less than brick requires less processing and adapts to the place where the property is located by varying the type of wood treatment and based on factors such as temperature , humidity and other external agents. All in complete safety for the local people then he must live without the use of toxic paints or products that can cause allergies and intolerances.

Other savings is certainly of ecological costs such as heating and cooling. The wood in fact, whatever type it is very insulating, so you can maintain the desired temperature for longer in the isolated house outside. Just think that 10 inches of wood island as 70-80 cm of concrete, even without the savings calculator at hand is clear and conspicuous. But not everything is in fact a wooden house is also very safe, the elasticity of material fact, give this home an excellent seismic resistance and, despite widespread knowledge contrary, its fire resistance is another of many other materials synthetics that are used inside the homes of today.
If it leads to time-sensitive investment is even more interesting. Think how much a team of workers for a week and calculated that the installation of wooden house enough that four people can do in less than a month in total safety and professionalism. And if we add that any member of the house can be made of wood such as wooden ladders for domestic savings is guaranteed.

A final factor, but not least, contributes to the fact that the choice of many people fall now in wooden houses: the aesthetics. House with wood or wood profiles, however small it may be, is always welcoming, warm and family atmosphere and unmistakable that no protective stone house will never give giving that extra touch of personality and uniqueness to your home.

Written by Martina Celegato with support from Piarotto Legno

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