The starting point is the online business business plan, where you get the instructions about what are the themes of the affiliate programs. The keyword list tells the niches and the rest you will get by thinking.

The Net publishes several lists about the best selling products and best selling marketers. The latter are very valuable, because they tell you directly who to follow. One visit to the site will reveal a lot, because the best sellers are located on the upper left side of the home page. The digital product market places publish the best seller lists and also Amazon has the lists.

1. The Trends.

A small business owner makes it wise, if he will follow the big trends and to offer the trend products to the site visitors. To understand, what is the trend today requires the market follow up and visits to the best marketing forums. But also the best selling product lists are the lists of the trend products.

2. KISS – The Importance To Think Simply.

Usually the best 20 % of the product links on your page will sell 80 % of the sales. The best two product links can bring almost all incomes. That is nice, if you have found these products but not nice, if you have tried and tried but not found them. In the latter case, a good way is to benchmark the best sellers, i.e. to visit the leader of your niche and to see, what he is selling.

3. Follow The Top Seller Lists.

The Internet is a market place, where changes will happen quickly. The best selling products come and go, because usually they have a drop in the sales after the honey moon, which will take some months. Now you have to follow your business plan to judge, whether you will follow the development of the best sellers or the evergreen products.

4. Follow The Best Selling Stats.

To get an idea, what happens in the best sellers ranking, you better follow the stats of the different sites. The digital product market places are the best ones and the marketing forums another good place to get the needed information.

5. Make Tests.

When you have found out a candidate program and want to try it, make some tests first. These tests include some good locations on your home page to see, whether your visitors are interested about it or not. If yes, start to support the product link by the article writing, the blog posts and banner ads.

It is not wise just to pick a product link from the market place and to put it on the page, because you must have an idea, whether somebody has succeed with it or not. So I prefer the long term sellers, which are from the respected companies and are not scams.

Juhani Tontti, B.Sc., Marketing. You have to get an idea, which are the online business best sellers in your niche. This information is important for your online home based business opportunity site. Visit: online home based business