As early as 1999, the appliance into the channels of predators began to spend


Trying to open new areas in Xinjiang soil expansion. But six years later, these funds into the establishment of e-commerce system to play shows in addition to the role of corporate image, the in


Aspects of long-term unsatisfactory and become difficult to fill the “gap”, which

Appliance Retail

Business self-managed e-Commerce has become an, “weak”, eat a token gesture.

Online Shopping Mall illusory



Online shopping than the present day Dangdang, e-commerce sites such as eBay sales lagging far behind. But

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As a traditional channels of commercial electrical appliances online shop in terms of self is a challenge, our online shop is basically a year’s sales also 40 million yuan, according to Gome’s sales in terms of four billion yuan a year, which is 1%. “National


The spokesman said Ho Ching Yang.

Paradise Marketing Jian-Ping Huang also said that although the products online mall store about 5% than the cheap fall, but annual sales are well below the stores sales, and only 1% of total sales no.

Five Star

Zhang glory planning department said with emotion: “online shopping for household appliances


Or concept in terms of speculation, although not subject to geographical constraints, e-commerce is also optimistic about the prospects for the future.


Home appliance chain

Strengths or floor store sales model, the reality is that online shop for home appliance chain channel business is still operating just outside the stores ‘condiment’, away from the real gap between the big e-commerce. “

Industry analysis, currently the major chain channel for small business with annual sales of self online mall, and the main business casual single-based, all optimistic about the prospects of e-commerce and sales transformation as a reserve for future online sales volume mature to meet the diversified needs. But the reality is that this block of business of all appliances predators do not pay attention to the human, material and financial resources are very limited input, and this is causing the main reason online mall business name only.

Self what is the significance of electronic mall

E-commerce is a home appliance chain giants and endorsed the development of aspiration


One of predators, however the reality is that appliances do not pay enough attention to make sales slump, with stores selling a huge gap. Well, not really suitable for home appliance chain enterprises conduct e-commerce it? Online shopping is really not suitable for traditional store it?



Contact Information Center (CNNIC) released report, as of June 30, 2004, the total number of Internet users in China 8700 million people, participate in online shopping population more than 4289 million people and an annual growth rate of 15%. Digital products in the IT-based e-commerce sales, on total sales of 350 billion yuan, which fully shows that I


Online sales of goods huge market capacity for growth.

“Do not focus on developing e-commerce, because of the global home appliance chain strategy remains at the Happy Valley enclosure of the stage,


The stores set to stay on the ground

Marketing capabilities

The strength of the. Now the emerging e-commerce channels for home appliances is not the main flame in the battlefield. “Zhang glory of that.

It is understood that most of the channels, household appliances online mall commercial significance of their own self-built corporate image promotion and product promotion. Truly large-scale e-commerce business into the flame need to wait several years to achieve. Channels of commercial appliances generally considered that as the timing of reasons, to carry out on-line shop very much, but in the future “money” passers-by



Where is the way

Online Shopping Mall

Although in reality is not suitable for home appliance store into e-commerce business, but some IT people think that the current terms of technology, the domestic home appliance chain enterprises to develop e-business the time has come, but the site


Model is not mature, we need to carefully locate and find their target population and the main products sold.

“Online Shopping Mall is not self-built appliance stores business, principally, accurate positioning and profitable.” Appliances


Speaking to Haodeng Wei, “Although the consumer to


Buy home appliances will not easily change consumption habits, but with the advances in technology, online shopping will become an important way of life, so Mall made online mall to the mall, so that the two combine, home appliance chain channel has the advantage of business and conditions to be realized. “

“We want a real online shop for consumer services, and online Mall of category structure and store or have the difference, we are prepared to do more activities next year, such as on-line shop to take the form of products specifically for , can be bundled together with a number of manufacturers

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Special models, to try online marketing. Joint activities with the media to attract more consumers to pay attention to online shopping. In addition, we have considered and the eBay and other e-commerce website Dangdang some cooperation, a professional business website, took the charge for home appliance chain stores and service delivery to try some new models. “Triad trading company management department, said Jiang Min.

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