The internet is full of opportunities for making some extra money

Author: Rob Hamers

We are still in a recession and people are suffering. They loose their jobs, can no longer pay their rent or mortgages, they cannot pay their electric bills which seem to get higher every year etcetera.

Unfortunately I know what it’s like. I still have a job but that may change anytime soon. But I do suffer. My wife is unemployed at the moment and I just had a baby son (I already had a daughter). My house is for sale but value is dropping every month and I still need to marry my girlfriend since I asked her last year. So you can imagine I have been better financially.

I thought about getting a second job but that’s almost impossible next to a full time job. I searched the web to find a solution there and it was obvious that I was not the only one looking. I didn’t find much though. I found a lot of ‘get rich fast’-schemes but I don’t trust those things. I eventually stopped my search hoping for better times.

But then I discovered something that could be a solution for me. I like taking photos and looking at other people’s photos. I’m no professional or anything, I only have this simple little camera. But I do experiment with it a lot. I think I have around 20.000 photos on my computer. Anyway, I needed a photo of a lime (yes the fruit). I unfortunately did not have a lime in my ‘collection’. I searched the web and found a cool website with tons of photos and what do you know, they had this awesome photo of a lime. It was the perfect photo. Totally excited I hit the ‘download’-button immediately. But hey, what’s this. I had to pay for this photo. A couple of bucks, not much. I paid, downloaded my lime and used it for my purpose.

A few months later I was at a BBQ talking to a friend, currently unemployed, and somehow the lime came up. I told him I paid for it but it was good money since it was the perfect photo. He knew about my photo-hobby so he laughed and said: “you should sell some of your own photos”. I looked at him and replied: “why didn’t I think of that myself???”.

The internet is full of opportunities for making some money. It might not be for everyone but it certainly helped me. Right now I can do what I like most, shooting pictures of the things I like. On top of that I earn a little extra money.

I hope things turn around and I eventually don’t have to worry about my electric bills etcetara but for now my problem is solved.

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