Franchise business, that too of the food industry, is certainly a lucrative option that you can easily avail to not only enjoy good financial profit but also cherish your long suppressed desire to start a business. But when opting for franchise trade, it is always suggested that you go for a reputed and recognized brand that already enjoys a steady targeted customer. Browse through internet and you will be surprised to find information about lots of companies that provide with franchise opportunities. To help you better with the search, here in this article we provide you with a synopsis of the popular restaurant franchise opportunities that you can bank on:

Mc Donald: A globally recognized brand that tops the chart as one of the most favored restaurant franchise opportunities, Mc Donald has more than 500 outlets in different parts of the world. Famous for its quick bite snack menu such as burgers, French fries, crushers and soft drinks, Mc Donald is considered as one the largest food chain business that enjoys equal presence in all nations of the world.
Pizza Hut: A specialist center for pizzas and pastas in authentic Italian style, Pizza Hut has an increasing number of customers globally. To become a franchise investor of this brand, you need to invest $ 3 million approximately. Moreover, according to the terms of this brand you need to build at least three outlets of pizza hut in 3 years.
Domino’s Pizza: Another famous name in the food industry for pizzas and side sides is Domino’s Pizza. This brand offer franchise business of two types, i.e. Internal and External. If you opt for franchise partnership with this company, they will provide you with a complete training program that will include guidelines on store operations, marketing, resource handling and finance.
Wendy’s: If you had had been planning to tap the restaurant franchise opportunities of Wendy’s, know that the brand is not accepting application for domestic franchise right now. But if you are willing to avail international franchise, the company is game for it.
Subway: To become a Subway franchiser, you will need to come up with an investment of approximately $ 285,000 which includes all expenses such as set up, marketing and operational ones. Moreover, according to the rules of the brand, franchises need to pay 8% of their gross sale as royalty fee.
Taco Bell: Similar to the terms of Pizza Hut, if you have good store management capacity and operational excellence, Taco Bell can also be one of the most effective Restaurant Franchise Opportunities for you. This brand also demands that their franchisers will have to build atleast 3 restaurants in three years.

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