If you are a tradesman working in either a traditional or more unusual trade (such as steel fixing, perhaps wall papering or wardrobe installations), you’ll need comprehensive public liability insurance for tradesmen. You will need to find an industry leader in providing cheap public liability insurance and business insurance specifically for tradies.  

From just $ 39.77 per month (paid monthly for your convenience), it’s around the cost of a carton of beer, and an investment that’s worth $ 5 million dollars in peace of mind against public liability claims.  While tradesmen’s public liability insurance cover for $ 5 million is common, today more and more tradesmen are opting for $ 10 million public liability cover.

The importance of maintaining adequate Tradesman public liability insurance cannot be underestimated. Imagine the consequences if someone was injured through an incident or accident caused by you or one of your team. Without tradesmen’s public liability insurance they could sue you for thousands or millions of dollars. You could lose your business or your home.

Your insurance representatives will be only too happy to assist you with public liability insurance quote/quotes.  Search the internet to get public liability insurance online quote or speak to an insurance consultant directly. Cheap public liability insurance isn’t a ‘sell’, it’s a reality. In fact, you can get tradesman liability insurance for around the cost of a carton of beer per month.

It is essential that you read the Product Disclosure Statement when seeking a public liability insurance quote. The PDS covers all aspects of Tradesman public liability insurance package including the important issue of inclusions and exclusions.

For example, some business insurance package inclusions don’t apply to some trades and you need to know what’s included in your cover or rather and importantly, what’s not covered.  

When arranging Tradesman public liability insurance, it’s essential that the paperwork is right so that tradesmen don’t run the risk of being under insured or worse – uninsured. While cheap public liability insurance is the goal and reality, be mindful that there are a number of situations that may exclude tradies from a tradies insurance package.

If you are in a trade occupation that involves work in an underground mine or with high voltage power supply or on an airport tarmac you will need to disclose this at the time of requesting your public liability insurance quote/quotes. If your occupation or workplace is listed on a restricted locations exclusion list, this needs to be listed on the application paperwork for Tradesman public liability insurance.

Make sure you find an insurance company that is committed to assisting tradies with the best business insurance cover possible and at affordable prices. They will let you know all the details about the right public liability insurance, Australia policies and we’ll ensure you will obtain the best public liability insurance premium cost.

Call your insurance consultant today for more information and to arrange quotes for public liability insurance, tools insurance, business insurance, commercial vehicle insurance as well as illness & injury insurance (formerly known as income protection insurance).Always refer to your Product Disclosure Statement.

Public liability insurance is essential for all trades. Get a cheap public liability insurance quote today at Tradesure.

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