You all of heard of various parties for a new house, birthday party’s, kitty parties and many more where people often gather but have you ever heard of purse parties.Now a days these parties are have gained popularity in major cities.Purse parties have become one of the most successful home business for fashion loving women who have interest in business and do not want to hamper their personal lives.Most women love their purses and cannot get enough. They are usually looking for the next fabulous purse to add to their collection. This provides a great money making opportunity for purse party consultants.

In almost every purse party there is a purse party consultant who helps in selecting best, latest and trendy purses in fashion at an affordable price. They are very particular about what they carry and whether it is ideal for the evening attire they have finally decided on. As they are choosy about their looks, panic strikes them immediately when they have to select the right kind of purse to carry with them. They love to have a collection of purses as these purses are available in all sizes and stuff.Working women like to carry sober and professional looking purses which suits their personality and occassionly they like to carry smart and party wear purses.Imagine inviting a group of your closest friends to come to your house for an evening of fun, fellowship, and designer purses.

While everyone catches up on the latest gossip, you explore the brand new shipment of designer purses you just received from your supplier. After enjoying coffee and cake, everyone selects a purse and gladly pays you, thrilled to be getting a beautiful purse at such a good price .

Every one gets a bit tired after long working hours and attending or to start a purse party business can be very exciting which washes away all tireness of a whole day.You can organise a purse party at your home or in open but its wise to organise purse parties inside in spacious room where you can display purses and make an seating arrangement as well without any congestion.


Designer purse parties have become all the rage.All you need to host a designer purse party are a group of stylish friends and a healthy selection of designer handbags and wallets.The bottom line is that before you start this business, please ensure that you deal with a legitimate purse party business so that you can keep yourself out of jail by not selling fakes or knockoffs.Sell designer handbags through a home showroom.As a purse party consultant you can easily generate incremental income for your family, all while doing something that you really enjoy!. It’s a relaxed, friendly alternative to the crowded shopping mall where women feel rushed and pressured to make a decision without having the opportunity to fully understand the benefits. At a designer purse party, a woman can leisurely browse among the various handbag options, feel their texture, and try them on before making a decision.

You can start a purse party business from your home. Purse party consultant business gives opporunity to women who want to maintain a balance between a personal and professional lives.